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Fact Or Fake

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 Every morning around 5:50, our makeshift morning show panel has to decide if

the questions we ask about a particular topic are Fact or Fake!


-Garth is his middle name?  (Fact…Troyal Garth Brooks…Jr.)

-He’s sold more albums in the U.S. than any other artist?  (Fake…he’s 2nd with 135
     million.  The Beatles are first with 178 million.)

-He went to college on a track and field scholarship?  (Fact…Oklahoma State University
     and threw the javelin.  His college roommate was Ty England, who became his
     guitarist til 95.)

-His first top 10 hit was The Dance?  (Fake…Much Too Young in 1989…went to #8)

-He wanted to be a rock singer, but someone video’d one of his shows with him singing
     Jump from Van Halen in the early 80’s and he thought it was so bad, he switched to
     Country?  (Fake…he heard George Strait’s Unwound and decided to switch.)


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

-Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward, who played Ferris's parents, married in real life.

Fact – They were together for six years before divorcing in 1992.  And, even though they played siblings, stars Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey would later become engaged after this movie.

-Matthew Broderick is actually an accomplished clarinet player.

Fake - The shot of Ferris playing the clarinet was done on the spot. Someone spotted the instrument as part of the set and Broderick said he could play it, which of course he couldn't. Matthew Broderick improvised the scene and the line with the clarinet: "Never had ONE lesson!"

-After working together on Weird Science (1985), John Hughes offered Bill Paxton the role of the garage attendant. 

Fact - But Paxton turned it down because he felt the role was too small. He admits that he regrets turning it down because Hughes never offered him a role again.

-The soundtrack to the movie was the #1 soundtrack in 1986.

Fake - John Hughes refused to release a soundtrack album; he felt the mix of songs was too uneven and didn't flow together, and wouldn't work well as an album.

-The license plates are all abbreviations for titles of films by John Hughes. 

Fake - The exception is Cameron's Ferrari (seen when Ferris first pulls out of the garage), the license plate of which reads NRVOUS. Katie's = VCTN (National Lampoon's National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)); Jeannie's = TBC (The Breakfast Club (1985)); Tom's = MMOM (Mr. Mom (1983)); Rooney's = 4FBDO (Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)). 

Pretty Woman turned 25 this week.  Originally, the movie had a much darker feel with Vivian a cocaine abuser.  It’s credited with reviving the rom-com, along with When Harry Met Sally.

-The necklace Julia Roberts was real and cost $250,000.  A security guard from the
     jewelry store was on site, with gun, to protect it?  (Fact…he stood right behind Garry
     Marshall to guard it.)

-Julia’s then-boyfriend was on set during the love making scenes and stormed out,
     breaking off their relationship?  (Fake…but her dog was there for filming and kept
     interrupting the scene.)

-Disney sued the production company over Kit De Luca’s line “Cinda-blanking-rella”? 
     (Fake…it’s actually a Disney movie, produced by subsidiary Touchstone pictures. 
     Disney execs actually had Garry Marshall change the title from 3000 to Pretty
     Woman and re-write it to be of a fairy tale.)

-Hector Elizondo’s salary was deemed too high by the studio, so Garry Marshall agreed
     to pay for half of it?  (Fact…then Touchstone saw how effective he was and
     reimbursed Marshall.)

-The movie opened at #1, but made more money its second week and even more money
     its third week in theaters, but wasn’t the #1 movie?   (Fake…but it was close.  It
     earned just over $15 million to open at #1 in March of 1990.  The next week, Teenage
     Mutant Ninja Turtles was #1, but Pretty Woman made $17 million.  Its third week, it
     made $16 million and again was #2.)

Please Mr. Postman by the Marvellette’s was the company’s first #1 in 1961.  They used to have a charm school that performers attended to learn dance moves and how to present themselves while in public.

-Motown is named after its founder, Maurice Brown, who used to publicize his shows
     with the saying Maurice Brown is in town?   (Fake…stands for motor town…Detroit. 
     Founded by Barry Gordy Jr.)

-Berry Gordy signed the Jackson 5 to a contract on a napkin the first time he saw them? 
     (Fake…he refused to sign them at first, not wanting to work with kids.  Gladys Knight
     persuaded him the next year to do it and he did.)

-Motown is still located in the original location, although the original house was torn
     down to make way for a bigger corporate office?  (Fake…it moved to LA in 1972.)

-Meatloaf was signed to the Motown label?  (Fact…in 1971, Motown released an album
     featuring Stoney and Meatloaf.)

-Smokey Robinson started out as a record presser before making it big with the
     company?  (Fake…he was the founder and singer of the Miracles, who were signed by


A 104-year-old woman who drinks three cans of Dr Pepper daily is quick to point out that she has outlived all of the doctors who have told her that the drink was going to kill her.  

-Dr Pepper is older than Coca-Cola. 

Fact - Dr Pepper was invented in 1885; Coca-Cola was not invented until the following year.  This  makes it the oldest soda in the United States. 

-It was originally referred to as "Waco."

Dr Pepper wasn't always called Dr Pepper.  In fact, it didn't have a name at all when Charles Alderton invented it through some lucky experimentation at the Old Corner Drugstore in Waco, Texas.  So before the drink  gained fame and became available outside of central Texas, customers would simply say,"Shoot me a Waco" when they ordered it at the soda counter.  

-In 1972, Dr Pepper sued the Coca-Cola company for trademark infringement based on a soft drink marketed by Coca-Cola called "Peppo". 

Fact - They tried naming it Dr. Pibb, which was also determined to violate the trademark. The soft drink was later renamed Mr Pibb.

-One of the "Be a Pepper" dancers was Ray Bolger, the actor who played the Scarecrow in the film The Wizard of Oz.

Fact - Another famous "I'm a Pepper" dancer was David Naughton who had his breakthrough film role as the main character in the John Landis film An American Werewolf in London.  

-In 2008, Axl Rose sued Dr Pepper for a public apology and undisclosed damages, alleging they slandered Gun's N Roses when they promised to give a free soda to everyone in America if the new GNR album was actually released. 

Fake - Axl threatened to sue because people had difficulty cashing in on the free soda but no suit was filed.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Fact or Fake on things that are green.

-Kermit the frog was originally made out of one of JIm Henson's teddy bears? 
     (Fake....he made it out of one his mother's spring coats with halved table tennis balls
     for eyes.)

-The Green Giant actually refers to a kind of pea?  (Fact...back in the 20s, Minnesota
     Valley Canning Company introduced a new large pea and called them Green Giants
     and used the Giant as their mascot.)

-The Grinch was first shown in Dr. Seuess' book in Horton Hears a Who in 1954? 
     (Fake...Horton did discover Who-ville on a spec of dust,  But the Grinch appeared as
     his own character in 1956.)

-The Hulk was originally grey?  (Fact...but due to the inconsistency of the printer ink,
     Stan Lee chose to go with Green.)

-Shrek was originally Eddie Murphy and Donkey was Mike Myers, but the 2 read each
     other's parts and the director preferred it?  (Fake...Chris Farley had done about 90%
     of Shrek until his death, so Myers was brought in.  He did the whole voice as his,
     didn't like it, so he re-recorded all the lines in the Scottish accent, costing
     Dreamworks $4 million.)

Albert Einstein’s birthday was over the weekend.  He was born in 1979 in Germany.  Won the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectric effect.  He didn’t speak fluently until the age of 9. 

-Einstein’s brain was not buried with his body?  (Fact…for two reasons.  First, he was
     cremated.  Second, the pathologist removed his brain for study and kept it secretly.)

-He was offered the presidency of Israel?  (Fact…in 1952, but he politely declined.)

-He began his quest for science as a child after seeing an x-ray of his arm?  (Fake…while
     sick in bed, his dad gave him a compass and he became fascinated.)

-He was so eccentric, he always kept a pipe either in his hand or in his mouth, yet never
     smoked it?  (Fake…he smoked constantly, and wouldn’t turn down a cigar or cigarette
     either.  Surprisingly, he died of an aneurism.)

-He was famous for remembering facts about people he had barely met, like their
     birthday?  (Fake…he was so scatterbrained, that he couldn’t remember his own phone
     number.  Once on a train, he couldn’t find his ticket.  The conductor recognized him
     and told him not to worry about it.  Einstein replied that without the ticket, he
     wouldn’t know where to get off the train.)

Barbara Feldon’s birthday today.  She was born in 1933 making her 82.  She was a model and had bit parts before landing the role of Agent 99 in Get Smart.  Along with acting, she also did a lot of writing.  Her last acting credit was in 2006 in a movie called The Last Request. 

-We never were told her name on the show, just that she was Agent 99?  (Fact…she gave
     out an alias once of Susan Hilton.  Even when she and Max got married, they just
     referred to her as Mrs. Smart.

-Feldon’s character Agent 99 was originally Agent 69?  (Fake…there was a
     rumor that was true and that network execs said no for obvious reasons.  Feldon said
     it was originally Agent 100, but 99 sounded more feminine.)

-The agency acronyms CONTROL and KAOS didn’t actually stand for anything? 
     (Fact…creators Mel Brooks and Buck Henry never came up with something for them
     to stand for.)

-Maxwell Smart’s evil nemesis Seigfried was the same actor as the Dr. on The Love
     Boat?  (Fact…Bernie Kopell.)

-The idea behind Get Smart was to combine the popularity of Batman’s action and
     Mission Impossible’s spy theme?  (Fake…James Bond and The Pink Panther.)


Carrie Underwood turns 32 today, born in 1983.  Her shopping weakness is makeup!  She has said her favorite actor is Johnny Depp. Actress: Drew Barrymore..and TV show is American Idol.

-She was a Jr. at Northeastern State University when she won Idol.  Her sorority, Sigma
     Sigma Sigma re-named their pet salamander Simon in honor of her win?  (Fake.)

-Her fans call themselves Carrie’s Care Bears?  (Fact…she loves the Care Bears.)

-Beat out Reese Witherspoon as the Sexiest Vegitarian in 2005?  (Fact…and Jouquin

-She hates being scared and refused to perform on any Friday the 13th?  (Fake…she loves
     horror and the classic Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.)

-Her hometown Oklahoma, Checotah, holds Okrafest every summer to celebrate okra? 
     (Fake…it used to, but disbanded in 2009.)


Sigourney Weaver - I've always regretted having such a serious career because I'm really more of an idiot.

-She was born Flavia Alexandra Weaver but took up the moniker Sigourney after being inspired by a character in “The Great Gatsby”. 

Fake - Her father originally wanted to name her Flavia, because of his passion for Roman history (he had already named her elder brother Trajan). She was named Susan in honor of her mother's best friend, explorer Susan Pretzlik.

-Sigourney’s father created The Tonight Show.

Fact - Her father Sylvester L. Weaver Jr., NBC-TV president (1953-55), pioneered the desk-and-couch talk show format that still survives on two programs he created - NBC's shows Today (1952) and Tonight! (1953) (aka "The Tonight Show").

-She is one of only 3 actors to have been nominated for both a Supporting and Lead Acting Academy Award in the same year for their achievements in two different movies. 

Fake – There are eleven. The other ten are Fay Bainter, Teresa Wright, Barry Fitzgerald (he has been nominated in both categories for the same role in the same movie), Jessica Lange,Al Pacino, Emma Thompson, Holly Hunter, Julianne Moore, Jamie Foxx and Cate Blanchett.

-For the role of Katherine Parker in Working Girls, Sigourney had her shoes painted on in order to be closer in height to her co-stars.

Fake – She offered to do it for a role that producers claimed she was too tall for but she lost the role anyway.

-Her husband, Jim Simpson, directed Spice World.


Fact –He was actually the assistant director. She is seven years older than her husband, He has been married to Sigourney Weaver since October 1, 1984. We met sort of at a square dance.


Dick Fosbury was born on this date in 1947.  He came up with a new way to do the high jump, and it became known as the Fosbury Flop.  Historians point to the first Olympics in 776 B.C. in Greece as the birth of track and field.

-The U.S. has only hosted the summer Olympics in 3 different cities?  (Fact..Los Angeles
     in 1932 and 1984, Atlanta in 1996, and St. Louis in 1904.)

-Carl Lewis won 3 gold medals in the 1984 games?  (Fake…4.  100m, 200m, Long Jump,
     and men’s 4x100m relay.)

-Jesse Owens real name is James Cleveland Owens.  He got is name Jesse because a
     school teacher thought he was saying Jessie instead of J.C. in his southern accent? 

-Florence Griffith Joyner, Flo-Jo, still holds the world record in the 100m from
    1988…even though she passed away in 1998? (Fact…she also owns the record for


-Pole vaulting began not as a sport, but as a way to cross canals in the Netherlands
     without having to go a long way around them?  (Fact…poles were used for distance
     and not for height.  In the late 1800’s colleges started competing the way we see it


1933 - U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt gave his inauguration speech in which he said "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."

-During John F Kennedy’s inauguration speech, the line…Ask not what your country can
     do for you, ask what you can do for your country…came to Kennedy during that
     morning’s breakfast and he penciled it in?  (Fake…it’s called a chaismas that uses
     words related to each other in reversal.)

-It took only 33 minutes for Congress to declare war on Japan after Roosevelt gave his
     Pearl Harbor speech and delivered the line…A date which will live in infamy?  (Fact…
     and the speech was only 7 minutes long.)

-In Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, he began with the famous line…Four score and 7 years
     ago.  The date he was referring to was 1776?  (Fact…he was referring to the
     Declaration of Independence written in 1776.)

-After giving his famous speech at the Berlin Wall, Ronald Reagan actually helped tear
     down the wall in 1990?  (Fact… he did get to hammer on some of the wall for
     a photo op after he left the presidency.)

-President Obama gave an entire speech that was on his teleprompter…that was written
     for the Irish Prime Minister?  (Fact…in 2009, he even thanked himself for hosting the
     St. Patrick’s Day party at the White House.) 



Leonard Nimoy

-Mr. Spock's skin color was originally meant to be red.

Fact - In Roddenberry's 1964 pitch for Star Trek, he is described as "probably half Martian, he has a slightly reddish complexion and semi-pointed ears". The idea was abandoned when they realized that on black-and-white TVs, Spock's skin would look black. 

-Leonard Nimoy invented the Vulcan Hand Salute copying a hand gesture meant to bless the congregation from his father who was a Jewish priest.  

Fake -His father had a barber shop in Boston, where one of the more popular haircuts given was the "Spock cut".

-Nimoy directed the 1987 comedy "Three Men and A Baby" starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson. 

Fact - He also directed two of the Star Trek films, "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" and "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home." 

-Nimoy had a prolific singing career including a guest spot on The Bangles’ “Going Down to Liverpool”.

Fake – He directed and appeared in The Bangles video "Going Down to Liverpool". Nimoy's voice appeared in sampled form on a song by the pop band Information Society in 1988. "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)" (released in 1988) The "Pure Energy" subtitle derives from a sample of Leonard Nimoy's voice from the Star Trekepisode "Errand of Mercy"

-Nimoy portrayed the same "character" in two separate American mediums (television, then film) longer than anyone else. 

Fact - From 1966 to 2013 (47 years), he was Mr. Spock. Also, character is in quotation because Jack Benny and the Three Stooges were on from the radio days to movies, then television, but they played their roles using their real names. Some soap opera stars also have beat this in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia but are only a character on television exclusively. 



1917 - Citizens of Puerto Rico were granted U.S. citizenship with the enactment of the Jones Act.  Christopher Columbus discovered it for the Europeans in 1493.  It’s the size of Connecticut.

-It’s the only island in the Caribbean where gas is sold by the gallon?  (Fake…sold in
     litres.  Drivers drive on the right side, but signs are in Spanish an distances in KM.)

-President Obama is the official head of state?  (Fact…and Biden is 2nd, followed by
     Governor Luis Fortuno.)

-Puerto Rico is 1 hour ahead of New York City?  (Fact…in the Atlantic time zone.)

-The island is home to the largest aquarium in the world?  (Fake…Atlanta.  It is home to
     the world’s largest radio telescope at 1000 feet across.)

-The pina colada was invented in Puerto Rico?  (Fact…in 1952.  It means strained
     pineapple.  National Piña Colada Day is celebrated on the islands on July 10th.)


Leap Day

-Every fourth year is a leap year but a year that is divisible by 100, but not by 400, is not. 

Fact - The year is 365 days and a quarter long - but not exactly. If it was exactly, then you could say it was every four years. But it is very slightly less. The answer was to lose three leap days every 400 years. The next time will be in February of 2100.

-Anthony, Texas became the "Leap Year Capital of the World" in 1972 because the Mayor, who was born on leap day, declared it so.

Fake - In 1988 local resident Mary Ann Brown, a member of the Anthony Chamber of Commerce and born on leap year day proposed that the Anthony Chamber of Commerce host a festival centered on Leap Day. In January 1996 the Anthony, New Mexico, post office was designated "Leap Year Station" and granted a commemorative postal cancellation.

-Hugh Hefner opened his first Playboy Club on February 29 1960.

Fact -The first Playboy Club opened in Chicago. During the last three months of 1961, more than 132,000 people visited the Chicago club, making it the busiest night club in the world.

-People with leap day birthdays become officially a year older on February 28th in non-leap years. 

Fake - Turns out February 29th birthdays are handled differently everywhere. In most U.S. states and places like the U.K. and Hong Kong, people with 2/29 birthdays don't hit legal milestones (drinking age, voting age…) until March 1st. In places including China, Taiwan and New Zealand, February 28th is the legal birthday. 

-Prisoners who have one-year sentences have to serve the extra day if their year crosses Leap Day. 

Fact - A woman tried claiming she was entitled to her husband's Social Security benefits because even though it looked like they got divorced just days before their 10th anniversary, counting their Leap Days as extra would push them over 10 years. 

A mountain lion was shot and killed on the north side of Chicago in 2008.  DNA tests revealed it came from South Dakota.  There was even a confirmed death of a mountain lion in Connecticut. 

-Mountain lions go by many names, including Puma?  (Fact…the scientific name is
     Puma concolor.  They’re also known as cougars, panthers, and catamounts.)

-Mountain lion cubs are spotted?  (Fact…they fade as they mature.)

-The best advice when encountering a mountain lion is to lie down and play dead? 
     (Fake…give the animal an escape route, then act larger and speak in a firm voice to
     scare it away.  Acting timid may make the cat think it can take you down.)

-It’s the largest of the wild cats in North America?  (Fake…2nd behind the Jaguar.  In the
     world, the largest cats are lions, tigers, then jaguars and mountain lions.)

-A pumapard is a hybrid cat with mountain lion and leopard parents?  (Fact…some have
     been breed, but it results in dwarfism for the new baby cat.)


Suzanne Somers 

-Suzanne Somers played "Chrissy" Snow on Three’s Company. Her character’s full name was Christmas Noelle  Snow.

Fact –

- The theme song for Three’s Company was sung by Ray Charles 

Fact –But not the blind R&B musician, and Julia Rinker. The Ray Charles Singers were featured on Perry Como's records, radio shows and television shows for 35 years. It was composed by Joe Raposo (known for composing for the children's television show Sesame Street).

-Suzanne was originally cast as daughter Gloria Bunker on All in the Family but lost the role to Sally Struthers.

Fake - Initially, got the role of "Jill Munroe" in Charlie's Angels (1976), but lost it to Farrah Fawcett.

-Suzanne was a celebrity panelist on Match Game.

Fact – In 1977 the same year she married her game show host husband Alan Hamel. She was a prize model on Anniversary Game (1969–70). And also that year she appeared with Alan Hamel on Tattletales.

-Last year Somers was inducted into the infomercial Hall of Fame.


Fact - Calling her a legend in the industry, on May 2, 2014, Direct Marketing Response inducted her.


Willhelm Grimm, brother of Jakob, was born on this day in 1786.  In 1812, they published the stories as part of a collection titled Nursery and Household Tales, or what is now referred to as Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

-One of the original Grimm stories was about a man who had the power to make women
     pregnant simply by wishing them so?  (Fact…called Hans Dumm.  Their work was
     originally meant for adults, and only after kids started to enjoy some of their most
     popular tales did they edit some and delete others, like Hans Dumm, entirely from
     their collection.)

-In their tale The Frog Prince, the frog turns to a prince after the princess throws him
     against the wall?  (Fact…and they then hit the sack together.)

-The fairy godmother in their original Snow White was actually a tree?  (Fact…her ball
     gown was supplied by a hazel tree that grew from her tears.)

-The 7 dwarfs in Grimm’s Snow White, published in 1812, were named after former
     Popes?  (Fake….they had no names until Disney gave them their identities.  Some of
     the rejected names were Awful, Baldy, Dirty, and Shifty.)

-In their version of Hansel & Gretel, the children kill the witch and have her for dinner? 
     (Fake…they push her into an oven and steal her valuables.)


1910 - In Philadelphia, PA, the first radio contest was held. 

-'Soup or Star' Contest!" Guess the star and the soup they’re floating in to win $10,000 in cash, and a can of the soup of your choice.”

Fact- Shadoe Stevens at KRLA came up with this one. There were 7 stars floating in 7 kinds of soup. If you named the star and the soup they were floating in, you'd win $10,000, it was played every hour and if you guessed wrong, you'd win "Your choice, a can of Split Pea, Bean 'n Bacon, or Beef Noodle Soup! And $100 in cash!" 

-Drink your own pee for Motley Crue tickets

Fact - KOMP 92.3-FM of Las Vegas in 1999. DJ Greg McFarlane was trying to think up a radio contest for listeners to win Mötley Crüe tickets, and after he used his idea of making them re-enact the Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee sex tape live on-air (albeit clothed) he was stumped. But, in a flash of inspiration, he decided he would make listeners drink a few ounces of his own urine.

Three contestants actually came into the studio prepared to face the challenge, but got cold feet when they realized McFarlane was in no way kidding. Then, in McFarlane’s own words, “The fourth guy walks in, pushes everyone out of the way and throws it down like it was Pepsi.” So congrats to that guy, for winning tickets to the show, and condolences to McFarlane, who was immediately fired.

-Cockroaches for Roaches. After marijuana is legalized in Colorado, listeners are challenged to eat cockroaches and for every one they put away they score a joint.


-A German radio station said they’d give a MINI Cooper away to whoever would perform the craziest stunt.

Fact - Enter 39 year old Andreas Muller. Muller, who really, really liked MINI Coopers, needed a way to top the list. So he decided to offer up some valuable skin real estate and get a tattoo of the word MINI, in the one place where showing it off in public would likely get him arrested. Yes, this man really did get the word MINI permanently inked onto his Cooper, and he did it live on air with the female host looking on. And yes, he got the car.

-A New Zealand radio station’s contest for Valentine’s Day 2012 was they would take care of all the costs of one lucky couple’s divorce. Provided the breakup occur live on-air.

Fact - Sam (a woman) was scheduled to call her husband Andy and tell him that she was leaving him. 

When the DJs called who they thought was Sam’s husband Andy, a woman answered. Confused, they asked if they were speaking with Andy, and the woman answered, “No, it’s not Andy and it’s never gonna be Andy and it wasn’t Andy to start with, you idiots.” It turns out it was Sam’s lesbian partner Amber, who with Sam proceeded to tell Pryor and Taylor exactly how terrible they are and how disgusting their contest was.


The series finale of Two & A Half Men aired last night.  It was the end of their 12th season and the 262nd show, titled “Of Course He’s Dead.” 

-Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer first worked together on Pretty In Pink?  (Fake…Sheen
     auditioned for the role of Blane that went to Andrew McCarthey.)

-Frasier ran for the same number of seasons as Cheers?  (Fact…11)

-Hee Haw was shot entirely in California, except for 1 episode shot on location in
     Kentucky?  (Fake…it was all shot at WLAC-TV in Nashville, which is now a sister
     station to KMTV…WTVF.)

-Knots Landing ran for more seasons than MASH?  (Fact…14 to 11.)

-Barney the Dinosaur had new episodes produced from 1992 to 2009.  The theme song
     was to the tune of The Farmer In The Dell?  (Fake…Yankee Doodle)

Vanna White’s birthday today.  She’s 58.  Her name is actually Vanna, but her last name was Rosich.  She took the name of her step-father.  On December 13, 1982, White became the Wheel of Fortune’s regular hostess. 

-The show was originally called Shopper’s Bazaar?  (Fact…contestants played for fake
     money they could buy stuff with.  And the wheel was standing up instead of laying

-The flippers on the wheel are rubber coated and the sound is a post-production effect. 
     (Fake…there are 73 pins that fly by the metal pins giving it the distinctive sound.)

-Vanna’s never worn the same dress twice?  (Fact…over 6000 episodes.)

-The longest phrase possible is 52 letters?  (Fact…12, 14, 14, 12.  Started with 39 before it
     went digital.)

-The identity of the puzzle maker is a highly guarded secret?  (Fake…the entire staff is
     encouraged to come up with their own puzzles to submit.  It’s a group effort.)

It was on this day in 1868 the Elks Lodge took the name “The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks” (BPOE). 

-The group was founded by 15 northwestern ranchers concerned with settlers hunting
     on their property?  (Fake…15 actors and entertainers associated with theater in New
     York City.  Originally, it was called the Jolly Corks.)

-The name was almost Buffalos instead of Elks?  (Fact…the original members voted 8-7
     for Elk over Buffalo)

-The head of the Elks organization is known as the Grand Exalted Ruler?  (Fact.  They
     serve for one year without pay.)

-June 14th is Flag Day.  That day was chosen by the Elks lodge before it became a
     national holiday?  (Fact…in 1907.  Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday in

-As patriotic as the Elks Lodge is, there were no Presidents who ever belonged to the
     group?  (Fake…FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Ford.)


The Daily Show 

-In 2009 a Time Magazine poll found that Jon Stewart was America's second most trusted newscaster after Brian Williams. 

Fake – Jon (44%) was the most trusted ahead of Brian Williams (29%) or Katie Couric.  Stewart downplayed the results on the show stating "It was an Internet poll and I was the 'None of the above' option".

-Hangover star Ed Helms was a correspondent on the Daily Show. 

Fact - After a successful Daily Show run, Helms was offered a spot on The Office, which led to his role in the smash hit Hangover film series.

-Donald Trump has been banned from the show permanently. 

Fake - When Hugh Grant stopped by to promote “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” his behavior was so rude that he was asked never to return.

-On September 13, 2006, a new portion of the interview segment called "The Seat of Heat" was introduced, but was immediately discontinued when the guest in the seat required medical attention after being electrically shocked too severely.

Fake-  In the segment the host would ask a guest one challenging or bizarre question to be answered. The segment was short-lived, and by the end of 2006 it had been discontinued.

-In a survey released by the Pew Research Center in April 2007, viewers who watch both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show tend to be more knowledgeable about news than audiences of other news sources. 


Fact - Approximately 54% of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show viewers scored in the high knowledge range, followed by Jim Lehrer's program at 53% and Bill O'Reilly's program at 51%, significantly higher than the 34% of network morning show viewers. 


Bonanza’s Lorne Greene was born on this day in 1915.  He passed away in 1987.  Greene started out as a radio announcer. He was the chief broadcaster for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and during the Battle of Britain, he was known as "the voice of doom."

-Bonanza is the 2nd longest running Western television series in history?  (Fact…behind
     Gunsmoke.  Bonanza aired for 14 seasons.)

-It was the first and only television series in history to air during its prime time run on
     all 7 nights of the week?  (Fake…started out on Saturday nights, moved to Sunday,
     then for its last season it was on Tuesday nights.)

-The characters wore the same outfits in every episode starting with the 3rd season? 
     (Fact…to keep costs down…they could use previous action footage…easier to film
     stunt doubles.)

-During the first season of the show, guest stars were paid in bags of Purina Dog Chow
     as they were the main sponsor?  (Fake…they were actually paid more than the regular
     cast members because producers didn’t think they could pull in viewers.  The main
     sponsor was Chevrolet.)

-Bonanza steak houses were started by Dan Blocker who played Hoss Cartwright? 


-His first name isn’t even Brian.  It was suggested by his first TV news director? 
     (Fake…Brian Douglas Williams.)

-He was a volunteer fire fighter while in high school?  (Fact…for 3 years.)

-He’s a cousin to Anson Williams who played Potsie on Happy Days?  (Fake…but his
     daughter is named Allison and she stars on the HBO series Girls.)

-Williams was an intern at the White House?  (Fact…during the Jimmy Carter

-He’s an avid fan of NASCAR?  (Fact…both he and his son are fans of Dale Earhardt Jr.)


-"SpongeBob" creator Stephen Hillenburg is a marine biologist.

Fact - He was a former marine science teacher who wanted to do a sea cartoon. Fish seemed too ordinary, so he started thinking about a sponge. "I drew these natural sponges for a while and gave them googly eyes and it didn't come together until I drew a sink sponge one day. I thought, 'This is the guy.' He's the square peg, literally, in this world of animals."

-SpongeBob's name was originally supposed to be SpongeBoy.

Fact – But the name was already copyrighted ... for a mop.  Hillenburg wanted to make sure that the word "Sponge" was retained in Mr. SquarePants' name so children wouldn't mistake him for a large chunk of cheese living under the sea.

-Squidward is an octopus, not a squid.

Fact/Fake - If you've ever paid close attention, you have probably noticed that Squidward lacks the proper number of tentacles to be a squid or an octopus (the show has referred to him as both over the years). The animators believed that giving Squidward more than six legs would just weigh him down too much visually, so they chose to go with inaccuracy over bad aesthetics. 

-In the French version of the series, SpongeBob speaks with a slight Daffy Duck-style lisp. 

Fact - When SpongeBob SquarePants is broadcast in non-English languages, the voice actors dubbing SpongeBob's voice use Tom Kenny's rendition of the character as a starting point but also add unique elements.  SpongeBob is viewed in 170 countries speaking 24 languages

-SpongeBob is the first fictional character to be featured in Tussauds.


Fact -  In July 2009, the Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York launched a wax sculpture of SpongeBob.In May 2011, a new species of mushroom, Spongiforma squarepantsii, was described in the journal Mycologia. The mushroom was named after the famous cartoon character. 


Sports Illustrated came out in 1954 with baseball player Eddie Matthews on the cover.

-The athlete to grace the most covers is Muhammed Ali?  (Fake…Michael Jordan with
     50.  Ali was on 37 covers.)

-Brad Pitt was on a Sports Illustrated cover?  (Fact…for Moneyball in 2011.)

-Christie Brinkley graced more Swimsuit Edition covers than any other model? 
     (Fake…she was on 3 times while Elle McPherson was on 5.)

-The best selling Swimsuit Edition was in 2010 with Brooklyn Decker on the cover? 
     (Fake…the 25th anniversary edition with Kathy Ireland.  She appeared in 1984 and
     was a model for the issue for 13 straight years.)

-The first non-model to grace the cover of the Swimsuit Edition was Halle Berry? 
     (Fake…Beyonce in 2007.)


2001 - It was announced the Kelly Ripa would be Regis Philbin's cohost. The show was renamed to "Live! With Regis and Kelly." 

-Kelly Ripa holds the Guinness World Record for "Most Custard Pies Thrown in One Minute (2 persons)" 

Fact - She was on the receiving end when NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth initially broke the record with 17 pies thrown. The following day, Kelly herself broke that record, throwing 22 pies at Wilmer Valderrama.

-When she met her now husband Mark Consuelos on the daytime soap opera "All My Children." She told him about a dream she had about him and they were married 3 weeks later.

Fake – According to Mark, she played hard to get for two years after that. 

-Mark performed the marriage ceremony for Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky. 

Fact - The two couples had grown close, which was why Stern asked Consuelos to perform the wedding ceremony. Consuelos agreed, and took it upon himself to seek ordination to make it an official ceremony for Stern and Ostrosky.

-She has a younger sister, Linda, who is a TV critic in Boston.

Fake - her sister is a children's book author. Kelly’s involvement with MADD is motivated by her sister, Linda, who was almost killed by a drunk driver in 1999.

-Ripa's was a regular dancer on Dance Party USA where she was nicknamed "Princess" because she was a fan of Prince and would wear dresses or other outfits like an eye-patch that reflected her devotion to the singer.


Fake - Her career goal at the time was to be a newscaster and she often did the cast news reports.


Dan Quayle celebrates his 68th birthday today.  He was the 44th Vice President of the U.S.  He was the first chairman of the National Space Council and called for greater efforts to protect Earth against the danger of potential asteroid impacts. 

-The state with the most Vice President’s born there is Massachussets?  (Fake…New
     York with 11.  Indiana had 5.  Mass 4.  And Kentucky and Texas had 3.)

-Prior to the 1960’s, there was no law stating that the Vice President would succeed the
     President if he died while in office?  (Fact…the 25th Amendment was ratified in 1967. 
     Before that, it was just an assumption.)

-No Vice President has ever died while in office?  (Fake…7 have.)

-It’s possible for a President to serve without a Vice president?  (Fact…4 did as they took
     over for Presidents who died while in office.  John Tyler (succeeded William Henry
     Harrison)  Millard Fillmore (succeeded Zachary Taylor)  Andrew Johnson (succeeded
     Abraham Lincoln)     Chester Arthur (succeeded James Garfield)

-A President cannot be elected to more than 2 terms according to the 22nd Amendment.  
     But a former President can become a Vice president?  (Fact…and this has never been


Norman Rockwell 1894 He is called an "illustrator" instead of an artist by some critics, a designation he did not mind, as it was what he called himself

-Rockwell married four times over the course of his life. 

Fake – He married three times. His first marriage to Irene O'Conner ended in divorce in 1930. Mary Barstow was his second wife, and the couple had three children together. This marriage ended when his wife passed away of a heart attack in 1959. In 1961, Rockwell married Molly Punderson, and the union lasted until his death in 1978.

-Rockwell was rejected by the U.S. military because he was pigeon-toed.

Fake - Rockwell tried to enlist in the U.S. military during World War I, but initially found himself rejected because he did not weigh enough. At 140 pounds and six feet tall, he was 8 pounds underweight. He spent one night gorging on doughnuts, bananas and liquids to meet the weight requirements  and was appointed as a military artist.

-Rockwell was offered a daily comic strip but turned it down because he couldn’t draw fast enough.

Fact - Rockwell was contacted by cartoonist Al Capp (best known for the comic strip Li'l Abner), with the suggestion that they should make a daily comic strip together.  King Features Syndicate is reported to have promised a $1,000/week deal, knowing that a Capp-Rockwell collaboration would gain strong public interest. However, the project was ultimately aborted as it turned out that Rockwell, known for his perfectionism as an artist, could not deliver material as fast as required of him for a daily comic strip. 

-During his career, Rockwell was commissioned to paint the portraits for four U.S. presidents.

Fact – He painted Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. One of his last works was a portrait of Judy Garland in 1969.

-George Lucas and Steven Spielberg both have original Rockwell’s hanging in their workspace.

Fact - George Lucas owns Rockwell's original of "The Peach Crop", and his colleague Steven Spielberg owns a sketch of Rockwell's Triple Self-Portrait. Rockwell is a major character in an episode of Lucas’ Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, “Passion for Life.”


Today is Groundhog Day.  If the groundhog sees a shadow then it goes back into its burrow and Winter will last 6 more weeks.  Groundhogs live on average to 6 years old and weigh between 9 and 15 pounds.  A baby groundhog is called a kit or a cub.   

-They’re the largest member of the squirrel family?  (Fact…classified as a rodent.)

-Groundhogs are also known as whistle-pigs?  (Fact…as they emit a high-pitched
     whistle.  Also known as woodchucks and land beavers.)

-The got their woodchuck name from their ability to take down small berry trees? 
     (Fake…it’s thought to have originated from the Algonquin Indian word wuchak.)

-Groundhog burrows have a separate chamber for going to the bathroom?  (Fact…their
     burrows have multiple chambers, along with a few entrances and exits.)

-The body temperature of a hibernating groundhog can drop below 40 degrees from 99  
     when they’re awake?  (Fact…humans can go into hypothermia with just a 3-degree
     drop, lose consciousness after 82 degrees, and face death at 70 degrees.)


-Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson Was 11 Years Old When Tom Brady Completed First NFL Pass.

Fact - Wilson is going for his second Super Bowl championship and was nowhere near high school when Brady took the field for his first regular season appearance 

- Has Thrown For Over 30 Miles In His Career

That’s about a round-trip from Brady’s childhood home in San Mateo to Candlestick Park in South San Francisco. That’s also over 53,000 yards, which is 13,000 more yards than Brady’s childhood hero, Joe Montana, threw for.

- Brady likes to call his teammates sweetie.

Fake - Brady apparently likes to call his teammates “babe,” as one teammate told ESPN back in 2012. He always kind of calls guys ‘Babe,’” the teammate says. “I was confused [at first]. I was like, ‘Did he just call me babe?’ But he kind of talks to guys like that, like, ‘Hey, babe.’ It’s the California boy in him, I guess.

-When he was twenty and at the University of Michigan Brady told a friend what he’d do when he made it big. Buy a Hummer and a Ferrari and marry a supermodel.

Fake - good friend Aaron Sheawanted the vehicles but Brady said"'If I hit it real big,'" "'I want to be able to wake up, put a pair of socks on, and at the end of the day, I throw 'em away.' "I'm like, 'That's all you want?' And he goes, 'Yeah, that's what I want. I love new socks.'"

-Brady confirmed he's battling a cold and is fighting it with chicken noodle soup that Gisele made.

Fake - Brady said he's focusing on rest and eating plenty of garlic, which he referred to as "old remedies."

Tom Selleck was born on this day in 1945.  His first TV appearance was on The Dating Game in 1967.  He lost.  He appeared awhile later….and lost again.  Soon after, he appeared in TV commercials for products such as Pepsi and some cigarette ads.

-Tom turned down a swimming scholarship at Yale for a modeling contract?  (Fake…he
     went to USC on a basketball scholarship.)

-He didn’t grow his famous moustache until being cast for Magnum P.I.?  (Fake…he had
     it in the 70’s back when he was on Rockford Files.)

-Even though he’s played characters who shoot guns, he personally hates being around
     them?  (Fake…he’s an avid collector.)

-Lost out to Harrison Ford for the role of Indiana Jones?  (Fake…he was asked to play
     the part, but his contract with Magnum P.I. wouldn’t allow it, so they chose Ford.)

-Played in a game for the Detroit Tigers?  (Fact…while researching Mr. Baseball, he
     spent spring training with the team and then-coach Sparky Anderson put him in to
     pinch-hit against the Reds in the 8th inning.  He fouled off a bunch of pitches, then
     struck out.)


In honor of KFC's new Double Down - a Fact or Fake on KFC.

-KFC is the world's third largest restaurant chain. 

Fake - It’s the second largest (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with 18,875 outlets in 118 countries and territories as of December 2013.

-KFC was the first Western restaurant chain to open in Japan. 

Fake - They were the first to open in China which is now the company's single largest market. Local food items include rice congee and tree fungus salad, with an average of 50 different menu items per store.

-KFC Japan is owned by Mitsubishi.

Fact - Japan is the third-largest market for KFC and was formed in 1970 as a joint venture between the American parent and the Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation. In December 2007, Mitsubishi assumed majority control of KFC Japan in a JP¥ 14.83 billion transaction

-Barry Manilow performed the KFC jingle in 1972.

Fact - In 1969, KFC hired its first national advertising agency, Leo Burnett.  A notable Burnett campaign in 1972 was the "Get a bucket of chicken, have a barrel of fun" jingle, performed by Barry Manilow.

-When Colonel Sanders passed away in 1980, flags on every Kentucky state building flew at half mast in his honour for 4 days.


Fact - Colonel Sanders isn’t actually a Colonel. The title was given to him by the governor of Kentucky in 1935, as it honoured good service and accomplishments. He was one of 5,000 to receive the honour during Ruby Laffoon’s governorship.


-NASA spent $3 million on a pen that would write in space, while the Russians just used
     pencils?  (Fake…that’s a myth that has been going around for years.)

-The Apollo astronauts weren’t able to qualify for life insurance?  (Fact…they made
     insurance autographs in case something went wrong, which could then be sold to
     make money for their families.)

-3 men from Yemen sued NASA for putting rovers on Mars?  (Fact…they said they
     inherited the planet over 3000 years ago.)

-The area code around Kennedy Space Center and surrounding areas is 3-2-1,
     resembling the countdown for liftoff?  (Fact.)

-In order to be labeled an astronaut by NASA, you must have traveled higher than 11
     miles above the earth?  (Fake…50 miles, or 264,000 feet.  11 miles is 58,000 feet.)


-The paisley pattern is based on the shape of a mango.

Fact - The pattern was developed in India where it is the national fruit. Also Pakistan and the Philippines. It is also the national tree of Bangladesh.

-India is the world's largest exporter of mangos.

Fake - Mexico and China export the most mango. Nearly half of the world's mangoes are produced in India, but the country accounts for less than one percent of the international mango trade due to the fact India consumes most of its own production.

-Indian brides and grooms consume 10 mangoes each on their wedding night because it is thought they will give birth to a boy ten months later.

Fake - Mango leaves are used at weddings to ensure the couple bear plenty of children.-

The room door of a newborn baby is adorned with mango leaves to signify the sweetness and joy in giving birth to a son.

-Mangos are the symbol for prosperity.

Fake - Mangoes symbolize love. According to Hindu mythology, an evil sorceress had burnt the sun princess to ashes from which grew the mango tree. An emperor fell in love with the mango flower and fruit of that tree. So when the ripened mango fell to the ground, it turned into a beautiful princess.

-Coca-Cola dominates the Indian market with a mango fruit drink called Maaza.

Fact - Mango drinks currently account for 90% of the fruit juice market in India. Maaza currently dominates the fruit drink category and competes with Pepsi's Slice brand of mango drink and Frooti, manufactured by Parle Agro.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15th, 1929 

-His name was originally Michael, not Martin.  

Fact - His father was also Michael King, however, after a trip to Germany in 1931, Michael King Sr. changed his own name in homage to historic German theologian Martin Luther and King Sr. made the decision to change his son’s name to Martin Luther as well.

-King failed public speaking during his first year at seminary.  

Fake – He got a C. This likely isn’t because he was actually bad at public speaking at this point.  His father noted that even before going to seminary King Jr. was one of the best public speakers he’d seen.  Whatever caused his professor to give him a C, by his final year King had straight A’s, was the valedictorian of his class, and the student body president.

-There are only two other people in American history that have a national holiday in their honor.

Fact - George Washington and Christopher Columbus.  As such, Martin Luther King Jr. is the only native born United States citizen to have a national holiday in his honor. (*note:  While Washington was born in Virginia, obviously the United States did not yet exist. For reference, the first President to be born in the country of the United States was Martin Van Buren. )

-The number of streets in America named after King is more than 730.

Fact - There are also a number of other countries that have honored King, including Italy and Israel. About 70% of these streets are in Southern states and King's home state of Georgia had the most, with 105 as of 2006.

- King was jailed 52 times.


Fake – It was 29 times. According to the King Center, he was arrested for acts of civil disobedience and on trumped-up charges, such as when he was jailed in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1956 for driving 30 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per-hour zone.


Helena Street, the garden parade columnist for the Omaha World Herald was the driving force behind the gardens. 

-The gardens started as a community flower garden in 1967?  (Fake…Planning began
     around 1980 and they opened in the early 90’s.)

-Lauritzen Gardens encompasses 310 acres of prime Omaha real estate?  (Fake…there’s
     only 100 acres.)

-The trains in the model railroad garden can only be run on days without rain?  (Fake…
     they were designed to be used outdoors in wet conditions.)

-The Founders Garden is where John Lauritzen and his wife Elizabeth are laid to rest? 
     (Fake…it’s a garden for reflection and the first garden at the complex.)

-Inside the new Conservatory, you’ll find the only living palm tree in Omaha?  (Fake…
     there are some at the Zoo.)


Richard Moll, who played Bull on the sitcom Night Court, turns 72 today.  Neither the music nor the exterior shots in the opening credits of Night Court ever changed during the entire series run from 84 to 92.

-Richard is only 6’3”, but looked taller on the show because everyone else was 5’9” or
     shorter?  (Fake…he’s 6’8”.)

-Richard had been bald since his early 20’s, and when he auditioned for the role of Bull,
     they liked his look the best and gave him the part?  (Fake…he had shaved his head for
     a role just prior to auditioning and the creators asked him to keep it.)

-Night Court was a part of NBC’s Must See Thursday line-up?  (Fact…along with The
     Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, then Night Court.)

-There was a short-lived spin-off based on John Larroquette’s Dan Fielding character? 
     (Fake…it was proposed, but he turned it down.)

-Judge Harry Stone, played by Harry Anderson, enjoyed magic as his hobby?   (Fact…as
     did Harry Anderson in real life.  He also appeared on SNL and Cheers.)


Melanie Chisholm (Spice Girls) 1975  

-The girls’ nicknames were picked by Simon Cowell.

Fake - We all have Top of the Pops magazine to thank for coming up with Sporty, Baby, Ginger, Scary, and Posh Spice. In 1996, the British magazine gave them the nicknames and they stuck. 

-The Spice Girls were initially called Touch.

Fact - They changed the name after a song written for them called "Sugar and Spice.

-The Spice Girls debut single “Wannabe” was the highest-ever debut by a non-American act.

Fact - beating the previous record held by the Beatles for "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and the joint highest entry for a debut act beating Alanis Morissette with "Ironic".

-Prince Charles said of meeting the Spice Girls "It is the second greatest moment in my life, after my wedding to Diana”  

Fake – Prince Charles said, "It is the second greatest moment in my life, the first time I met them was the greatest"  Prince Charles had organized a meeting with the girls and South African President Nelson Mandela who said: "These are my heroes. This is one of the greatest moments in my life"  

-Meatloaf was one of the stars in 1997’s Spiceworld: The Movie.

Fact -   The Spice Bus which featured in the film, was driven by Meat Loaf, and is now on permanent display at Island Harbour Marina on the Isle of Wight, England.


The capital of Jamaica is Kingston?  (Fact…its largest city with just over 900,000

-No point on the island of Jamaica is over 1000 feet?  (Fake…Blue Mountain peak rises
     7402 feet.)

-The official head of state for Jamaica is Queen Elizabeth the second?  (Fact…even
     though they gained independence from England in the 60’s, it’s still considered part
     of the British Commonwealth.)

-The Jamaican flag is not rectangular, but more pennant-like?  (Fake.  It’s green, yellow,
     and black.)

-A $100 Jamaican bill is worth 87 cents?  (Fact.)


School Closings

-In May of 2013 Bellingham Christian Schools in Washington State were closed due to great weather.

Fact – Students were given a “sun day.”Principal Bob Sampson said he wanted to give students some time to re-energize and enjoy the weather, adding that he wanted to re-create the excitement snow days get among the kids. “In a world that’s got a lot hard things going, it’s fun to create a moment joy,” 

-St. George's (Middletown, R.I.) decided to cancel its high school football game with Lawrence Academy (Groton, Mass.) in 2010 due to a large difference in size between the players on both teams. 

Fact - St. George's School had no players on its team weighing more than 225 pounds while Lawrence Academy had three players weighing more than 300 pounds and three players committed to Division I colleges. Lawrence Academy reportedly offered to play the game at "half-speed" but St. George's School declined.

- Schools in Baltimore closed February 5th, 2013 for “Purple Fever”

Fake – Students were not allowed to attend the parade celebrating the Baltimore Ravens' Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers. Baltimore County school officials said they "expected a full recovery from purple fever Wednesday" after they saw a sharp increase in the number of schools that noted "excessive absences," meaning their rates were double the norm.

-Solon Middle School and Parkside Elementary School in Ohio were closed October 16 when the school learned a staff member had traveled home from Dallas on Frontier Airlines Tuesday on a different flight, but perhaps the same aircraft, as the Texas nurse with Ebola.

Fact - A spokesperson for the Solon school district told Fox 8 News its fleet of buses was sanitized as a precaution.

-Cincinnati Public school were forced to close for a day and a half after a student organized water-gun fight made floors an injury hazard and caused water damage to school papers and carpets.



The first commercial bank in the United States, the Bank Of North America, opened on this date in 1782 in Philadelphia.  It wasn’t until 1798 that the first bank robbery happened…also in Philly.  The robbers were discovered when they started depositing the stolen money back into the bank they robbed it from!

-A man in Pittsburgh robbed 2 banks after putting lemon juice on his face, which makes
     invisible ink, and thought it would make his features invisible to the cameras?  
     (Fact…in 1995.)

-A nine-year-old boy held up a bank in New York with a toy gun and got away with some
     money?  (Fact…it was 1981 and he robbed them of $118.)

-Gary Busey was arrested for robbing a bank?  (Fake…only in the movies.  Actor Rip
     Torn was though, as he was drunk and held up a bank with a loaded revolver.)

-An entire bank was held up by a cardboard cut-out?  (Fact…in 2008, over 30 SWAT
     team members surrounded a bank for 3 hours to coerce a suspect who was hiding
     behind the bank’s blinds to come out.  When they charged in, a cardboard woman
     was the only “person  they found.)

-A man resembling Donald Trump persuaded a bank manager in New Jersey that he
     had just purchased the bank and that the entire staff was being given the afternoon
     off.  He then robbed it when they left?  (Fake.)


Rowan Atkinson was born on this day in 1955 

-Rowan Atkinson was born on Bean Day.

Fact - Today is Bean Day! Paula Bowen is the originator of Bean Day. She started it because January is so bleak, and there weren't many holidays in January to celebrate. She said we needed a holiday to celebrate Mr. Bean. Also, her dad was a Pinto bean farmer, so she grew up eating a lot of beans.

-Rowan has a degree in Sociology and had hoped to be a corrections officer.

 Fake – He attended Newcastle University, where he received a degree in Electrical Engineering. Then a masters and he was pursuing his doctorate when he decided to quit and become an actor.

-Rowans first movie was a documentary called “The Rubber Man”

Fake - Has a little known documentary, made around 1991, called “The Driven Man”. It features his exploration of his obsession with cars and about the psychology of car driving. It can be found on YouTube and I highly recommend it.

-Atkinson's film career began with a supporting part in the 'unofficial' James Bond movie Never Say Never Again.

Fact – He also played the part of Dexter Hayman in Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993), a parody of Rambo III, starring Charlie Sheen. A verbally bumbling vicar in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) and featured in Disney's The Lion King (also 1994) as the voice of Zazu the red-billed hornbill.

-Rowan appeared on “Desert Island Discs”, a BBC radio show, in 1988. His top song pick was Led Zepplin “Stairway to Heaven”.


Fact - and the luxury item is a car. Not to drive or sleep in. Just to wash it, one of his favorite solitary pursuits. And maybe make a garage out of bamboo for it.


January is National Soup Month.  The most popular soup in the U.S. is chicken noodle.  Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi was based on a real person named Al Yagenah, who claimed to Seinfeld that he ruined his business when he at there.  Yagenah then yelled No Soup Of You, and kicked Seinfeld out!

-Headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, that’s where the name Campbell’s comes from? 
     (Fake…Abraham Anderson and Joseph Campbell were partners, then Campbell
     bought Anderson out.)

-Their first soup was split pea soup?  (Fake…nobody knows, but they started out more as
     a preserve company featuring jellies, vegetables, canned meats, and condiments in
     the 1860’s)

-The red and white color scheme was adopted in 1898 as subliminal advertising
     associated with Christmas?  (Fake…an exec liked the color of the Cornell football
     team’s uniforms.  The label was originally orange and blue.)

-Campbell’s current slogan is Mmm Mmm Good?  (Fact….started in 1935.)

-Campbell’s owns Godiva Chocolates?  (Fake…they did from 1974 to 2009, but sold
     it. Their other brands include Pepperidge Farm, Swanson, V8, Pace, and Prego.)


-According to Elf on the Shelf, elves hold all their magic in the pompom on their hats – that’s why you never see a bear-headed elf.

Fake - The Elf on the Shelf explains that scout elves get their magic by being named. Once the elf is named, the scout elf receives its special Christmas magic, which allows it to fly to and from the North Pole.

-The book tells how the magic might disappear if the scout elf is lied to.

Fake – If they’re touched, so the rule for The Elf on the Shelf states, "There's only one rule that you have to follow, so I will come back and be here tomorrow: Please do not touch me. My magic might go, and Santa won't hear all I've seen or I know." Although families are told not to touch their scout elf, they can talk to it and tell it all their Christmas wishes so that it can report back to Santa accurately.

-The ladies behind the book are former teachers, mom Carol Aebersold and daughter Chanda Bell and daughter Christa Pitts who is a former circus performer.

Fake - Aebersold's other daughter, Christa Pitts, was recruited by the family to share her expertise in sales and marketing. Pitts spent five years as one of the most beloved hosts on QVC, where her warmth and upbeat personality made her a household name

-In 2012, The Elf on the Shelf made its first appearance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade alongside fellow parade newcomers Hello Kitty and Papa Smurf. 

Fact - In 2013, The Elf on the Shelf hit the #1 spot on the USA Today Bestsellers List

-There are two follow-up books to Elf on the Shelf. The Elf on a Shelf Christmas in July and The Elf on the Shelf visits the Easter Bunny. 

Fake - In October 2013, The Elf on the Shelf: A Birthday Tradition was released. It offers instructions for inviting a scout elf to visit for a child's birthday party 

And Elf Pets: A reindeer Tradition. When Santa’s sleigh is unable to lift off of the ground, he must call on his Elf Pets® Reindeer to come to the rescue! Thanks to a magic heart charm worn around its neck, each reindeer can help store the Christmas spirit necessary to make Santa’s sleigh soar.

By adopting one of these snuggly reindeer and showing it love, children generate the merriment, wonder and joy necessary to help Santa fulfill his Christmas Eve mission.




-The Symphony is older than World War 1?  (Fake…the war was from 1914-1918.  The
     Symphony was founded in 1921.)

-The Omaha Symphony performs around 50 shows and presentations annually around
     the Midwest?  (Fake…over 200.)

-Resident conductor Ernest Richardson’s hobby is gardening?  (Fake…he’s an avid fly

-Henry Doorly was the Symphony’s first conductor?  (Fake…he worked for the World
     Herald.  First conductor was Henry Cox.)

-According to the League Of American Orchestras, Omaha falls into the smallest of the 8
     tiers of orchestras?  (Fake…it’s in Group 2 due to its large annual budget.)


December 18th Birthdays today...

Keith Richards 1943 - Musician (Rolling Stones)  

-Keith has a metal plate in his head.

Fact – He got it while on vacation in Fiji, and admittedly under the influence of cocaine, when he fell out of a coconut tree and had to be rushed into emergency brain surgery. 


Steven Spielberg 1947 Movie producer-director

-Steven has an aquarium at his California home that contains miniature sharks.

Fake – He has dogs. Spielberg’s cocker spaniel Elmer probably has the most number of appearances in his film library than most of the famous actors whose names are on the poster. Elmer appeared in ‘The Sugarland Express,’ ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ ‘1941’ and ‘Jaws’ .


Ray Liotta 1955 - Actor 

-Ray won the National Collegiate Athletic Association invitational wrestling championship while attending the University of Miami.

Fake - I've only been in one fight in my whole life... in 7th grade, yet everyone thinks I'm a maniac. Liotta graduated from the University of Miami, where he received a degree in Fine Arts in 1978. He said he did a lot of musicals (Cabaret, Dames at Sea, Oklahoma, Sound of Music) during college.


Brad Pitt 1963 Actor 

 -Brad’s dad, Douglas Pitt, is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania.



Katie Holmes 1978 - Actress ("Dawson's Creek") 

-Katie’s first audition in Hollywood landed her the lead role on Dawson’s Creek.

Fake - After a few modeling gigs, Katie was encouraged her to go to L.A. for TV pilot season and in her first audition won a part in the 1997 film “The Ice Storm.” An audition tape was sent to “Dawson’s Creek” creator Kevin Williamson in 1998 – and she was cast as series regular Joey Potter. The show ran for six seasons.




Tom Hanks performed 6 of the movie’s roles.  The locomotive featured in the film is modeled after Pere Marquette Railroad's no. 1225…or December 25th.  Even the tickets the conductor stamp have the number 1225. 

-Rocker Steven Tyler plays an elf at the North Pole in the movie?  (Fact…when
     the elves are all dancing, he’s on stage singing the song.)

-The shy boy Billy was played by Peter Scolari, Tom Hanks’ partner in the show
     Bosom Buddies?  (Fact.)

-The boy who the movie is based around is known as The Hero Boy, but his first
     name is really Chris?  (Fact…it’s never mentioned in the movie, but it’s Chris in
     the book.  In fact, none of the kid’s names are mentioned except for Billy.)

-When the Hero Boy pulls the train whistle cord, he exclaims, “I’ve wanted to do
     that all my life,”…that’s a nod to Back To The Future 3?  (Fact…Robert
      Zemeckis was the director for both movies and Doc did that in BTTF3.)

-It was the highest grossing movie of 2004?  (Fake…10th.  Shrek 2 was #1 with
     $441 million.  Polar Express brought in a total of $163 million.)


Norwegian rock carvings dating back to 2500BC are the oldest known depictions of people skiing.  There are around 80 countries in the world offer some form of ski area, and about 350 million people visit ski resorts or areas annually across the globe.

-Nebraska, Hawaii, and Florida are the only states to not have a downhill ski
     resort?  (Fake…10 total with Kentucky, Delaware, Arkansa, Louisiana,
     Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina too.)

-The highest ski resort in the world is located in China?  (Fake…2nd highest.  The
     highest is Chacaltaya in Bolivia at 17,785 feet.  That’s higher than the Mt.
     Everest base camp.)

-Skiing made its debut at the Winter Olympics in 1936 in Germany where the
     opening ceremony was overseen by Adolf Hitler?  (Fact.  He also oversaw the
     1936 Summer Olympics, the last time a country hosted both in the same year.)

-The fastest ski run recorded was 157 miles per hour?  (Fact…by Simone Origone
     of Italy.  Set the record earlier this year in France.)

-The word manky is slang for mountain hanky panky, which means to flirt with
     other skiers?  (Fake…it’s the term for the nasty odor of underwear after a
     strenuous day on the slopes.)


1917 - Father Edward Flanagan opened Boys Town in Nebraska. The farm village was for wayward boys. 

-Father Flannigan declined to give MGM rights to the Boys Town story for the movie “Boys Town” until the studio agreed to provide scholarships for the boys.

Fake - The studio offered Father Flanagan $5,000 for the movie rights to his story. He declined but reconsidered after he read a draft of the screenplay he approved of. MGM also agreed to buy the boys new basketball uniforms.

-Boys Town is the home of the world’s largest stamp ball.

Fact - The Leon Myers Stamp Center promotes stamp collecting among youth and adults, and supports Boys Town programs by selling donated stamps. The World’s Largest Stamp Ball, on display at the Stamp Center, is a favorite with children and adults alike.

-In the 1987 movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Superman takes Lenny Luthor (Lex Luthor's nephew) to Boys Town after he takes Lex back to prison.

Fact – Lenny was played by Jon Cryer.

-Boys Town was the inspiration for The Hollies hit "He ain't heavy - he's my brother."

Fact - In 1943 Boys Town adopted as its image and logo a picture of a boy carrying a younger boy on his back, captioned "He ain't heavy, mister - he's my brother." They felt it epitomized the importance of their residents caring for each other and having someone care about them.

-Charles Manson is a Boys Town alumnus.

Fact - But for only 9 months till he ran away in order to look for his mother.



Hallmark Incorporated made 3.9 billion in consolidated revenues in 2013.  They employ 11,300 full-time + 20,500 part-time worldwide between Hallmark and its subsidiaries.  Around 10,000 new and redesigned greeting cards annually.

-The company was founded by Mark Hall, who changed the name of the company
     from Mark Hall cards when he saw his name on a bill with his first name last?
     (Fake…Joyce Hall was the founder.  He went by J.C.)

-The Hallmark company owes its beginnings to Nebraska?  (Fact…Joyce became
     captivated by a salesman who stopped by his family's store in 1906 in Norfolk.
     Driven by the postcard craze of 1903, Hall decided to venture from retail of
     various products to wholesale of postcards)

-Their first slogan was “Pleasing people the world over”?  (Fake…that’s Holiday
     Inn.  Hallmark didn’t have their first official slogan until 1944 with When You
     Care Enough To Send The Very Best.  )

-Hallmark owns both the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel? 
     (Fake… Lifetime is owned by the Hearst Company and Disney.  Hallmark did
     own Univision from 86 to 92.)

-Hallmark owns Crayola…the crayon company?  (Fact…and have since 1984.)


1952 - On the show "I Love Lucy," a pregnancy was acknowledged in a TV show for the first time. Lucy never was referred to as "pregnant," though - merely "expecting."

-Melrose Place aired the first homosexual kiss.

Fake - The kiss was never actually aired on television, because one of the show’s main advertisers threatened to pull back if the scene was shown. Dawson’s Creek characters Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) and Ethan (Adam Kaufmann) shared the first ever on-screen homosexual kiss in the season finale.

-The first couple shown in bed together was on The Flinstones.

Fake – The first show to depict a couple in bed together was Mary Kay and Johnny in 1947, in which the two stars were married in real life. In cartoon world, The Flintstones depicted the first animated couple in bed in the early 60s.

-First on-screen toilet was shown on Leave it to Beaver.

Fact - The pilot episode of Leave It to Beaver in 1957, in which Wally and the Beaver hid a baby alligator in a toilet tank. The episode was rejected by CBS, and producers were forced to compromise by only showing the tank of the toilet–the toilet bowl was not allowed to make its debut.

-The first male nudity was Dennis Franz’s naked backside on NYPD Blue.

Fake - the first instance of male nudity actually occurred in 1973 on M*A*S*H. The episode “The Sniper” features Radar briefly losing his towel as he runs from the sniper. 

-Star Trek broke three cultural taboos during its run on TV.

Fact - 1967: First Time the Word Hell was Used on Television. in the episode City on the Edge of Forever (the one with Joan Collins) At the end of the episode, a disgusted Kirk says "Let's get the hell out of here".

TV’s first actual interracial kiss on screen was shared between William Shatner (playing Captain Kirk) and Nichelle Nichols (playing Lieutenant Uhura) in a 1968 episode of Star Trek. 


First Bisexuals: Star Trek's 1967 episode "The Trouble With Tribbles" features Tribbles, adorable fuzzy creatures who reproduce constantly and swing both ways. Some would argue that Tribbles were also television's first Furries. 



If one spells out numbers, they would have to count to One Thousand before coming across the letter "A".  Adult giraffes make sounds that we are incapable of hearing as they use infrasound.   

-The band The Clash got their name because of their clothing?  (Fake…the bass guitarist
     kept seeing the word clash in the news in the 70’s, so he offered that up and it stuck.)

-7 UP was created in 1929.  The name comes from the original 7-ounce container and
     the direction the bubbles traveled?  (Fact.)

-The plastic things on the ends of shoelaces are called callops?  (Fact…aglets.)

-The term “get fired” is from centuries ago when clans wanted to get rid of people, they
     burned their house down?  (Fact…if  you were a criminal, you were put in the house
     and if you escaped, you were then kicked out of the clan!)

-To tell if a Hawaiian woman is single, look at the flower in her hair.  If it’s over the right
     ear, she is.  Over the left, she’s not?  (Fact.)


Live on Thursday, Dec. 4 7 pm. NBC presents a bold new live television production of the classic Broadway musical Peter Pan. 

 -Tinker Bell got her name because she communicates with the sounds of a tinkling bell.

Fake - She is described as being a tinker, meaning that she mends pots, kettles and acorn caps, and is shown to be very skilled, gifted and talented at it too.

- The first person to portray Tinker Bell as live character was a 71 year old former circus aerialist.

Fact - In 1961 a named Tiny Kline was hired to fly around the Castle during the fireworks display. She weighed in at 98lbs and was only 4’ 10” tall. Kline was hired to glide down a wire connecting the Matterhorn to Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  She retired and died in 1964.

-Tinker Bell was born from a baby's first laugh and a white dandelion seed. 

Fact - According to the film Tinker Bell, which tells of Tink's history; long before she met Peter Pan. Disney has released a series of direct-to-DVD prequels  focusing on Tinker Bell. 

-Late actress Brittany Murphy was initially chosen to provide Tink's voice in the film however, due to scheduling conflicts; she was replaced by Ashley Tisdale. 

Fake – Ashley does the voice of Candace Flynn in Phineas and Ferb and played Maddie Fitzpatrick on the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Sharpay Evans in the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical and its sequels. Brittney was replaced by Mae Whitman.

-Tinker Bell was modeled after Marilyn Monroe.


Fake - Marilyn Monroe was at the peak of her popularity, in 1953 but Margaret Kerry was the live-action model for silent character Tinker Bell: Kerry answered an audition call that required her to pantomime the motions that would be animated as Tinkerbell. The studios provided props, notably a giant keyhole mounted on a stand as well as a pair of giant scissors, used in the scene where Tinker Bell became trapped in a jewelry box


-The head elf in the workshop at the beginning of the movie Elf who tells Will Ferrel he’s
     not making Etch-A-Sketch’s fast enough is Ralphie from A Christmas Story?  (Fact…
     it’s Peter Billingsly.)

-In the movie Christmas Carol, Scrooge is visited by 4 ghosts?  (Fact…Marley, Past,
     Present, and Future.)

-The Santa Clause with Tim Allen came out in 1994.  There was a week in November
     where that movie was #1…Home Improvement was the #1 comedy on TV…and Tim
     Allen had the #1 New York Times best-selling book “Don’t Stand Too Close To A
     Naked Man?  (Fact.)

-In Christmas Vacation, Aunt Bethany recites the Declaration of Independence when
     asked to say grace?  (Fake…the Pledge of Allegiance.)

-In the movie Die Hard, which takes place at Christmas, when Bruce Willis runs over the
     shards of glass with his bare feet, the glass is actually broken sugar cubes?  (Fake…the
     glass is real, but his feet aren’t.  They’re rubber feet and look large in some shots.)


-All Penguins, in their natural habitat, live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fact - Depending on which scientist you ask, there are 17–20 species of penguins alive today, the most northerly penguins are Galapagos penguins. Penguins evolved to stay in the Southern Hemisphere because there are no land predators, like wolves or polar bears, to take make quick work of the plump flightless prey.

-Penguins wear tuxedos because leopard seals have trouble seeing the colors black and white.

Fake - it helps them be camouflaged while swimming. From above, their black backs blend into the dark ocean water and, from below, their white bellies match the bright surface lit by sunlight. This helps them avoid predators  and hunt for fish unseen.

- Penguins don’t have teeth.

Fact - Instead, they have backward-facing fleshy spines that line the inside of their mouths. These help them guide their fishy meals down their throat. Penguins even have spines on their tongues.

-Penguins remove the salt consumed during fishing by sneezing it out of their nostril. 

Fact - The supraorbital gland, located just above their eye, filters salt from their bloodstream, which is then excreted through the bill—by sneezing! But this doesn’t mean they chug seawater to quench their thirst: penguins drink meltwater from pools and streams and eat snow for their hydration fix.

-Penguins cool off by sweating through their feet.

Fake - To keep from overheating, penguins pant like dogs to cool off. They also ruffle their feathers and hold their wings away from their bodies.


The Great Cranberry Scare of 1959 occurred after it was revealed that cranberries from Oregon and Washington had been contaminated with a carcinogenic weed killer. Cranberries were pulled from shelves just before Thanksgiving, causing a disaster in the cranberry industry that lasted for several years.

-In 1868, a 100 pound barrel of cranberries went for $.58?  (Fact.)

-It takes 440 cranberries to make up a pound?  (Fact…4,400 cranberries in one gallon of

-Massachusetts is the leading producer of cranberries?  (Fake…2nd to Wisconsin.)

-Half of all cranberries consumed in the U.S. are gobbled up during Thanksgiving? 

-Sailors used to eat cranberries to fight off scurvy?  (Fact…good source of Vitamin C.)


Actress Cherry Jones turns 58 today.  She was President Allison Taylor on the show 24… and told Newsweek Magazine that her models for her characterization of the President were Eleanor Roosevelt and John Wayne.

-As a joke, Clinton’s press secretary showed the movie Air Force One to the press corp
     while aboard the plane en route to China?  (Fake…Clinton did see it while he was in
     office twice.)

-Bill Pullman’s President's speech in Independence Day was filmed on 6 August 1995 in
     front of an old airplane hangar that once housed the Enola Gay, which dropped the
     atomic bomb on Hiroshima exactly 50 years earlier on 6 August 1945.  (Fact.)

-In the movie The American President, Michael Douglas gives Sydney his phone number
     to call him back on…456-1414.  In reality, that number is the reference section at the
     Library of Congress where the archived movies are kept?  (Fake…it’s the White House

-No actor or actress had ever won an Oscar for Best Actor or Actress in a film directed by
     Steven Speilberg until Daniel Day Lewis did for portraying Lincoln?  (Fact.)

-As of 2012, the president who has been played by actors in the most films according to
     IMDB was John F. Kennedy?  (Fake…Lincoln with 153 films.  George Washington
     was 2nd with 65.   Kennedy was 9th with 33.  Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan,
     Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft and Herbert Hoover each were portrayed
     in one film…and our 29th president Warren Harding has never appeared as a
     character in a movie.)


Liam Hemsworth stars as Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games film series. Mockingjay opens today.

-According to Liam, the best part of starring in The Hunger Games, after the paycheck, is kissing Jennifer Lawrence.

Fake -  “But if we had a kissing scene, she would make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish or something that was disgusting and right before the scene she’d be like ‘I didn’t brush my teeth’. I’d be like ‘great, I can’t wait to get in there and taste it’.”

-Liam doesn't trust crows because they don't have crows in Australia and he had never seen one outside of Disney cartoons.

Fake – It’s squirrels.  He'd only seen them on Disney cartoons before moving to the US, "They have a look on their face where they know something you don't, like they're planning something. I don't trust them, to be honest".

-Liam and Chris aren’t the only actors in the Hemsworth family. They have an older sister who currently has a role on the CW’s Arrow.

Fake - His oldest brother, Luke, was the first to get into acting on Australian TV. Luke actually inspired younger brothers Liam and Chris to get into acting themselves!

-Before he moved to the U.S., Liam got his start in show biz on the Australian soap opera Neighbours where he played Josh Taylor, an athletic paraplegic. 

Fact - All three brothers have appeared on Aussie soap Neighbours, but not at the same time. Luke starred in 13 episodes in 2001, Chris was in one episode in 2002, and Liam was in 25 episodes in 2007.

-Liam met Miley Cyrus when they both starred movie The Last Song where, according to Rotten Tomatos, their chemistry was the only good thing about the movie.

Fake – The review says “Cyrus and Hemsworth ... represent some kind of theoretical low for how terrible two romantic leads can be, together and separately.



1954 - Sammy Davis, Jr. was involved in a serious auto accident in San Bernardino, CA. Three days later, Davis lost the ability see with his left eye.  He was nicknamed Mr. Show Business after his numerous Vegas stints, TV specials, and Broadway appearances.

-There was no Sammy Davis Sr.  His manager thought the name Sammy Davis was too
     plain, so Sammy said, “Let’s add Jr.”?  (Fake…he’s buried next to his dad Sammy Sr.)

-On the road performing since the age of 3, he was billed as Silent Sammy The Dancing
     Midget in states that had child labor laws?  (Fact…and always had a rubber cigar in
     his mouth to make him look older.)

-He died at the age of 64, and was outlived by his mother and his grandmother? 
     (Fact…mother was 95 and his grandmother 112.)

-He refused to speak to Bill Cosby after Cos stole his stand-up gig at the Frontier Casino
     in Vegas?  (Fake…they were life-long friends, and after Sammy died in 1990, Cos
     wore a button on his Cosby Show sweaters for a while that said SDjr.)

-He was Jewish?  (Fact…converted to Judaism in 1961.)


McDonald’s burger doesn’t rot and it’s not because there are any mysterious chemicals in it, but because low moisture and dehydration basically turns it into a jerky. The Quarter pounder rots because it has more moisture.

-In 2009, Burger King launched a campaign that if you unfriended 10 friends on Facebook, you were entitled to a free whopper. 

Fact - The ex-friend would then receive a message explaining that their friendship was less valuable than a whopper. Use the WHOPPER® Sacrifice application on Facebook to get started. Maybe you have 10 Facebook friends you don't care about.

-The Big Mac was originally called the “aristocrat”.

Fact – Yes, but it failed - consumers found difficult to pronounce and understand. The third name, Big Mac, was created by Esther Glickstein Rose, a 21-year-old advertising secretary who worked at McDonald’s corporate headquarters and was designed to compete with Big Boy restaurants' Big Boy sandwich.

-Apple promoted the new iPhone 6 in Germany at Wendy’s restaurants with a 600 gram burger topped with fried apple slices.


-Microsoft promoted Windows 7 in Japan by partnering with Burger King to release a 7 patty Whopper.

Fact - Seven stacked beef patties extend your usual Whopper to over five inches in height and the whole thing costs ¥777 (or $8.55) for the first 30 customers. It was available for one week only -- or seven days.

-The reason why breakfast isn’t served all day at McDonald’s is because McDonald’s serves more burgers than any other fast food restaurant everyday and didn’t want to lose bragging rights if sales dropped with consumers opting for mcmuffins.


Fake – It is mainly because the grill temperature required to cook beef patties is significantly different from the temperature at which eggs are cooked – Several cities like Hong Kong serve Sausage & Egg McMuffins around the clock, due to the prominent use of the egg in meals other than breakfast in those countries.



1961 - The Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was released on this day by RCA in 1961, and rocketed to number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

-Originally, it was recorded in Zulu with no English words?  (Fact…in 1939 by Solomon
     Linda in South Africa and titled Mbube, which means Lion.)

-The song was actually a B-side to the Token’s song Tina?  (Fact…and a dj in New
     England liked The Lion Sleeps Tonight better, so he started to play that instead and it
     took off.)

-The only time you hear the word Lion is when they sing the line The Lion Sleeps
     tonight?  (Fact…other than Womoweh, all you hear is In the jungle, the mighty
     jungle…Near the village, the peaceful village…Hush my darling, don't fear my

-The musical The Lion King officially opened on Broadway on this day in 1997? 
     (Fact…although it had soft openings in Minnesota during the summer.)

-A British band called Tight Fit scored a #1 in the U.K. with their cover of the song in
     1982?  (Fact…they also had a hit called Fantasy Island and loved to wear workout
     gear like Olivia Newton John.)


The Rockettes prepared to open an 18-day, 34-show marathon run at the Orpheum Theater. The show opens Thursday, Nov. 13, and will run through Sunday, Nov. 30. 

-The group originally performed at Samuel Roxy Rothafel’s Roxy Theatre and was called the "Roxyettes." 

Fake - The group was founded in St. Louis, Missouri by Russell Markert in 1925, originally performing as the "Missouri Rockets."  When Rothafel left the Roxy Theatre to open Radio City Music Hall, the dance troupe followed and later became known as the Rockettes.

-The Rockettes are required to be between 5’7” and 5’9”. 

Fake - "In order to be a Rockette you have to be between 5’6” and 5’10 ½”," "It’s an optical illusion. They put the tallest girl in the center, going down the less tall girls at the end."

-They wear microphones in their shoes.

Fact - Microphones in their shoes magnify the taps during the "12 Days of Christmas" routine. "We have a whole entire microphone crew, sound wise, they will fix up all of the shoes, tighten up the taps and screws in them. Make sure all of the battery packs are charged. "

-Vincente Minnelli, the legendary MGM film director, created the famous wooden soldier costume.

Fact  - Minnelli, also known as the husband of Judy Garland and father of Liza, was a theatrical costume designer before he became director of such Hollywood classics as "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "An American in Paris."

-Rachel Borgman, the Norfolk, Nebraska, native and Rockette also coaches a synchronized swimming team. 

Fact - “I do know a thing or two about precision,” she smiled. Her dad, Roger, said he could never have imagined what lay ahead when Rachel was born, just 1 pound and 10 ounces.




Demi Moore turns 52 today.  She was born in Roswell, but lived in over 30 different places by the age of 14.  Her production company, Moving Pictures, produced all of the Austin Powers movies. 

-Demi played the role of Jackie Templeton o the soap opera One Life To Live? 
     (Fake…General Hospital…at the same time Rick Springfield was on there.)

-She wore a wig for some of the scenes in the movie Striptease?  (Fact…they had to re-
     shoot a bunch of scenes, but she had already shaved her head for G.I. Jane.)

-Little Richard presided over her marriage to Bruce Willis?  (Fact.)

-She lost out to Julia Roberts for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or
     Musical in 1990?  (Fact…Julia’s Pretty Woman to Demi’s Molly in Ghost.)

-One of the main reasons she was cast in Ghost was because she can cry on cue from
     either eye?  (Fact.)



McConaughey played the lead in Christopher Nolan's time travel science fiction film Interstellar, which was released this past weekend. 

-McConaughey was voted class clown in his senior year of high school.

Fake – He was voted "Most Handsome". 

-McConaughey's mother and late father married each other three times (having divorced each other twice).

Fact - His father, James Donald McConaughey, played football for the Green Bay Packers. He died of a heart attack in August 1992. 

-Matthew uses the lunar calendar to determine when it's the best time to get a haircut.

Fact - "If you want your hair to be thicker, cut it when the moon is about to be full - a heavy, full, waxing moon. Do not cut it when the moon's waning", he recently said. "Why do you think that (farmers) plant at certain times of the year? It's not hippie-dippie stuff."

-Matthew McConaughey admits that The Notebook makes him cry.

Fake - King Kong (the 1976 version with Jessica Lange) makes him teary eyed. "I remember crying at how much he loved her but he was an ape, he was the outcast."

-His older brother, Michael McConaughey, aka Rooster McConaughey, had a son and named him Miller Lyte McConaughey.




There’s Carhenge out in Alliance, Nebraska.  Old cars placed in a formation like Stonehenge.  The original London Bridge is located in Lake Havasu, Arizona after an oil baron paid over $9 million to have it moved to the U.S.

-There’s an actual desert in Maine?  (Fact…The Desert of Maine is just outside Freeport
     where LL Bean is located, and was formed after bad farming practices in the 1790’s.)

-You can find an entire museum dedicated to barbed wire in Texas?  (Fact…called the
     Devil’s Rope museum, it commemorates barbed wire’s contributions to the fields of
     ranching, warfare and security. Located in a former bra factory, the museum has
     thousands of strands on display.)

-The geographic center of the U.S. is in South Dakota?  (Fact…if you take into
     consideration Alaska and Hawaii.  If not, it’s in Lebanon, Kansas.)

-The Longaberger Basket Company build its corporate headquarters in Ohio in the
     shape of one of its picnic baskets with 2 big handles on the top?  (Fact…it cost$30
     million to build and is 160 times longer, wider and taller than its Medium Market


-The world’s largest peach is located in Fort Valley, Georgia?  (Fake…they say they’re the
     peach capital of Georgia…but the largest peach is a water tower in Gaffney, South
     Carolina…the peach capital of that state.)


For the first time in a long time, gas prices are lower than milk prices. 

-A 22 horsepower Toro lawn tractor with a 46” mowing deck is more expensive than a
     hybrid smart car?  (Fake…the Toro is about $3000 while the Smart car is around

-Gold bullion is worth more than platinum bullion?  (Fake…Gold bullion opened
     yesterday at $1179.10 an ounce while platinum bullion was $1241.40 an ounce.)

-A luxury suite at Memorial Stadium is more than one at Arrowhead where the Chiefs
     play?(Fake…West Stadium Husker suite for 60 people $150,000 donation for 10 yr
     commitment includes ticket price & parking…while Chiefs suites go for almost that a

-The least expensive Manolo Blahnik shoe at Saks Fifth Avenue costs more than the 
     most expensive set of Lebron James sneakers at Nike’s online store?  (Fact…$595 to

-The most expensive yacht in the world cost more than the world’s most expensive car
     ever purchased at an auction?  (Fact…Russian billionaire has a yacht worth $1.2
     billion, while the most expensive car was a Bugatti built between 1936 and 1940 for
     $43,700,000.  Only 2 were made.)


Bette Midler is back! The legendary songstress is out today with her first studio album in eight years. It's the Girls spans seven decades of famous girl groups.

-Bette is named after Bette Davis.

Fact - and her sisters Susan and Judy are named after Susan Hayward and Judy Garland.

-Bette Midler married her current husband, Martin Von Haselberg, six days after they met.

Fake - Six weeks at a 2 a.m. in a $45 ceremony in Las Vegas. This Dec. 16 will mark the couple's 30th wedding anniversary – practically a record-breaker by Hollywood standards. 

-Midler got her musical career started by performing in gay bathhouses with piano accompaniment from Neil Diamond.

Fake - Barry Manilow. Performed her cabaret act at the famed gay men's club, The Continental Baths, in the 70s with Barry Manilow as her accompanist. Her first big album "The Divine Miss M" was produced by Barry Manilow.

-In 1974 Bette received a special Tony Award "for adding lustre to the Broadway season."

Fact - In a career spanning almost half a century, Midler has been nominated for two Academy Awards, and won three Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards, and a special Tony Award.

-From 1975–1978, she provided the voice of Woody the Spoon on the PBS educational series Vegetable Soup.  


Fact – The character Long John Spoilsport was voiced by James Earl Jones. Vegetable Soup ‘s goal was to educate elementary age children in the value of human diversity.


Sherlock Holmes Weekend continues today.  The line Elementary My Dear Watson was never used in the books.  That came later on screen.

-The earliest Sherlock Holmes film is over 100 years old?  (Fact…Sherlock Holmes
     Baffled came out in 1900.)

-Arthur Conan Doyle named his character Sherlock after a cricket player he knew in the
     1880’s?  (Fact…he originally named the character Sherrinford.)

-Sherlock Holmes is second only to Dracula as a character appearing in the most films? 
     (Fact…239 to 226 film appearances)

-Doyle killed off the character of Sherlock Holmes?  (Fact…in 1893 he had Holmes
     killed, but the public demanded he not be dead, so he brought him back to life in

-Sherlock Holmes was a cocaine addict?  (Fact…he used cocaine quite often along with
     morphine, as both drugs were legal in the 19th century.)


Since it was first published by Image Comics back in 2003, The Walking Dead has become a pop culture phenomenon, spawning a range of successful novels, video games and even action figures. However, all of that pales in comparison to the success of the TV adaptation, which has become the most popular show in the US among the highly coveted 18-49 demographic.

-The Walking Dead initially was written and directed by the same the guy who directed The Shawshank Redemption.

Fact – Frank Darabont is the director behind some of the most popular Stephen King adaptations of all time, including The Mist, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. He left after only one season due to budget constraints.

-The word ‘zombie’ is never actually mentioned in The Walking Dead.

Fact - The most common term is ‘walkers’, although they’re also occasionally referred to as ‘biters’ and ‘the herd’. Creator Robert Kirkman made a conscious decision to avoid the word ‘zombie’ as he wanted to portray a world where movies like Night of the Living Dead don’t exist, so that his characters had no concept of what they were facing. 

-Actors cast as ‘walkers’ on the show say their key instruction is to walk as though they’re their Grandma Minnie after a hip surgery.

Fake – They’re instructed to look like they’re coming out of a bar at 2 a.m. 

- ‘Undead’ actors on The Walking Dead are forced to eat their meals separately from the human actors because their makeup was turning people’s stomachs.

Fake – It’s required in order to enhance the divide between the two groups on set.

-Dale smokes Morley Cigarettes, a fictional brand of cigarettes also smoked by the Cigarette Smoking Man in The X-Files.


Fact – Tribute is also payed to Breaking Bad. Daryl’s bag in the first season contained blue meth, an intentional nod to Breaking Bad, also on AMC. Likewise, the car that Glen steals in The Walking Dead is the same Dodge Challenger that Walter White bought his son in Breaking Bad.


Thriller was the First Music Video Ever Inducted Into The National Film Registry.   John Landis was brought in to direct as he had done the 1981 An American Werewolf in London.

-The woman who played Jackson’s girlfriend in the video, Ola Ray, was a Playboy
     playmate?  (Fact…Miss June, 1980.)

-At the height of its popularity, MTV ran the 14-minute video twice an hour?  (Fact.) 

-The video almost never made it to our eyes, as Michael wanted to destroy it when the
     Jehovah Witnesses, which he was a part of, heard about the content?  (Fact…but the
     editor and director his the film canisters from him until he changed his mind.)

-The Thriller video won the very first video of the year at the inaugural Video Music
     Awards in 1984?  (Fake…The Cars You Might Think won.)

-So it could be eligible for an Oscar, it was shown in theaters for one week…as the
     opener to Disney’s Fantasia?  (Fact…and parents weren’t too thrilled about it.)


October 29, 2014 is National Cat Day! Let’s see what you know about Looney Tunes’ Sylvester.

-Sylvester the Cat’s cartoons have won three Academy Awards, the most for any Looney Tunes character. 

Fact - Sylvester appeared in 103 cartoons in the golden age, Sylvester J. Pussycat debuts in "Life with Feathers" with a suicidal parrot, and receives his first Oscar-nomination.

-Sylvester's lisp was based on the lisp of producer Leon Schlesinger who was head of the Warner Bros. Cartoon Studio. 

Fake - Mel Blanc stated that Sylvester's voice is based on that of Daffy Duck, plus the even more slobbery lisp, and minus the post-production speed-up that was done with Daffy's. He also pointed out that, minus the lisp, Sylvester's voice was fairly close to his own.

-Sylvester has "died" the most of any Looney Tunes characters.

Fact – Eight times - having "died" in I Taw a Putty Tat, Back Alley Oproar, Peck Up Your Troubles, Satan's Waitin', Mouse Mazurka, Tweety's Circus, Trick or Tweet, and Tweet and Lovely.

-"Thufferin' Thuccotash" are the first words spoken by Sylvester.

Fact - Thufferin Thuccotash" is Sylvester's catchphrase. Daffy Duck is also known for using the catchphrase from time to time but his own catchphrase is "You're desthpicable".

-Sylvester is the fourth most frequent character in Looney Tunes shorts.

Fact – He has appeared in 103 golden age shorts, making him fourth most frequent character, after Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck, respectively.

Daphne Zuniga, who played Princess Vespa in Spaceballs, turns 52 today.  She does a lot of TV stuff, including starring in Family Ties to One Tree Hill. 

-The line “Use The Schwartz”…a parody of The Force from Star Wars…was an inside
     joke about Mel Brooks’ lawyer Allan Schwartz?  (Fact)

-Remember the infamous flatulent cowboy scene in Blazing Saddles?  The sound effects
     were collected in a locker room by the more-than-willing UCLA football team? 
     (Fake…Mel and others put soap on their wet hands and squeezed them under their

-Mary Margaret Humes, who played the part of Miriam in History Of The World, was
     cast after Brooks met her as a supermarket cashier?  (Fake…he saw her on a billboard
     on Sunset Boulevard.)

-The song Walk This Way by Aerosmith was written after members of the band went to
     see Young Frankenstein and liked Marty Feldman’s line Walk This Way?  (Fact…)

-Mel’s last name is actually Kaminsky.  He simplified it to Brooks as hit hometown is
     Brooklyn?  (Fake…it’s an adaptation of his mother's maiden name, Brookman)


Keanu Reeves 

-Keanu was given the intimidating nickname 'The Wall' in high school because he wore a Pink Floyd t-shirt almost every day.

Fake - He was called “The Wall” due to his skills on the ice hockey rink. He was an MVP as goalie for his high school’s hockey team. 

-He appeared in three movies containing the names of US States. 

Fact - He appeared in ‘The Prince of Pennsylvania’ in 1998, ‘My Own Private Idaho’ in 1991, and ‘Feeling Minnesota’ in 1996. Also, his character in ‘Point Break’ is called John Utah.

-The Simpsons used Keanu's character Ted Logan as the basis for dimwitted bully Jimbo Jones.

Fake - Jimbo is loosely based on the character John Bender from The Breakfast Club. Jimbo is named for the executive producer, James L. Brooks.

-Keanu once wrestled Alice Cooper.

Fact - Keanu Reeves' mother worked as a costume designer for stars, leading to the occasional wrestling match at his house. "I remember once, Keanu and I trying to take on Alice Cooper," childhood pal Evan Williams tells PEOPLE. "He tied us up like a human knot."

-June 15 is "Cheer-up Keanu Day". 

Fact – In 2010 photos of him, seemingly depressed while eating alone, were posted and a  "Sad Keanu" meme  spread on internet forums. An unofficial holiday was created when a Facebook fan page declared "Cheer-up Keanu Day". 


Renee Zellweger has been in the news a lot this week about her new look.

-Renee is older than all of us in this room?  (Fake…she’s 45, born in April.)

-She worked as a lapdancing waitress at the age of 18?  (Fact…the owner asked if she
     wanted to perform topless and she said no.)

-She earned her Screen Actors Guild card doing Coors Light commercials?  (Fact…while
     she was in college.)

-She was married to Jim Carrey from 1999 to 2000?  (Fake…they dated and were
     engaged then.)

-When it was announced that she had won her first Golden Globe Award, she
     hyperventilated and couldn’t walk to the stage?  (Fake…she was in the bathroom.)


1930 - J.K. Scott won the first miniature golf tournament. The event was held in Chattanooga, TN. 

-The oldest putt putt course in existence was built around 1867 to allow kids to build their golf skills.

Fake – It was built by the Ladies' Putting Club of St. Andrews. It was considered improper at the time for ladies to 'take the club back past their shoulders.' Because of this, they created a course that allowed them to play full games without doing that. 

-The first mini-golf courses were actually miniature versions of the larger ones. They had greens, fairways, sand traps etc. Obstacles weren’t used until someone accidentally drove their car onto a course and they joked it would make a good obstacle.

Fake - It wasn't until after the great depression, when these mini golf courses became too expensive, that people began to build courses with whatever obstacles they could find. Tires, rain gutters, barrels and pipes. 

-During the Korean and Vietnam Wars the U.S. Military contracted and shipped mini put courses overseas.

Fact - many a G.I. played on a Taylor Brothers prefabricated course that Joe and Bob Taylor built. The Taylor brothers also supplied obstacles to the industry. 

-Outside Europe only a small number of countries have participated in international minigolf competitions. These countries include USA, Japan, China, India and Taiwan.

Fact - Nearly all European countries have an official national federation for promoting minigolf as a competition sport. The bi-annual European Championships attract competitors from more than twenty European countries. No player from countries outside of Europe (such as UK, USA, Japan et cetera) has ever reached even the top 50 in World Championships (in men's category)

-Miniputt theme courses can get inventive including Ahlgrim’s Acres, a mini golf course located in the basement of an Illinois funeral home. 

Fact - You get a free round of golf with every funeral package, which is even more disturbing when you consider the macabre theme of the course that features mausoleums, cemeteries and a guillotine.



The Kansas City Royals are in the World Series!

-Prior to the Royals, the Athletics, who now play in Oakland, were located in Kansas
     City?  (Fact…played in KC from 1955 to 1967.)

-The name the Royals came from the owner Ewing Kauffman’s business, The Royal
     Bread Company?  (Fake…they’re named after the American Royal livestock show
     which began in Kansas City in 1899.  Kauffman was a pharmaceutical entrepreneur.)

-Only 1 player from the Royals is enshrined in the Hall of Fame wearing a Royals hat? 
     (Fact…George Brett.  The other 6 went in with a different team affiliation.)

-Since their first season in 1969, the Royals have only had 9 managers?  (Fake…20.  Ned
     Yost is the current and he’s been there since 2010.  Tony Muser had the longest
     stretch of 5 years.)

-Their mascot is named Prince and he’s a smiling Frog?  (Fake…Sluggerr the Lion.)


The White House and Disney World need to start sharpening the chainsaws. Syfy announced today that Sharknado 3 will be hitting D.C. and Orlando. Dave Howe, President of Syfy and Chiller, said the flying finned creatures will finally be giving the nation’s capital “what it deserves.” Look for the sharks to chomp their way along the East Coast – or rather, The Feast Coast – in summer 2015.

-Sharkdano 3 will be called Sharknado 3: Sharkpocolypse.

Fake – Syfy held a twitter naming contest and that, along with “The Wizard of Jaws”, “Sharkalanche”, and “Aftersharks” were suggested. “The Second One” won.

-Sharknado was written by Thunder Levin. 

Fact - His previous writing credits include the film Mutant Vampire Zombies from the 'Hood!

-Ian Ziering stated that he had serious reservations about the script but owed Tara Reed a favor.

Fake – He was motivated, in part, by the need to earn enough to qualify for Screen Actors Guild health insurance for his family

-The premiere of the film was underwhelming with 1.37 million viewers.

Fact – That’s slightly below the average audience of 1.5 million viewers for a typical Syfy original film. Due to an increase in publicity (mostly through Twitter), Syfy repeated Sharknado one week after its premiere. The airing was watched by 1.89 million viewers, an increase of 38% over its initial airing. A third airing of Sharknado got 2.1 million viewers.

-In Sharknado 2 Henry Winkler plays a man on water skis who “jumps the shark”.

Fake - Fin hails a cab, driven by Judd Hirsch, who starred on the seminal ’70s series Taxi. And Billy Ray Cyrus plays  a doctor.



Earl Hindman who played Wilson on "Home Improvement" would have been 72 today.  He passed away in 2003 from cancer.    

-Wilson had no first name?  (Fake…it was his first and last…Wilson Wilson)

-Richard Karn’s real last name is Wilson?  He played Al.  (Fact.)

-The audience seen in the show was filled with production people from other ABC shows
     as a perk?  (Fake…it’s the actual live audience.)

-The original name of the show was Hammer Time, but they changed it so it wouldn’t be
     confused with M.C. Hammer?  (Fact…they changed it to Tool Time, but thought it
     would be too confusing to name the TV show and the “on the show” show the same.)


-Ashley Judd was the original Tool Time girl?  (Fact…she auditioned and won the role,
     but turned it down days before the pilot was shot, resulting in the last-minute casting
     of Pamela Anderson.)



Mike Judge born on this day in 1962 

-Judge's first job out of college was as a programmer for the F-18 fighter at Support Systems Associates, Inc. 

Fact – He received a BS in physics from the University of California, San Diego.

-Judge based King of the Hill’s Boomhauer’s voice on what he thought his dog would sound like if he could speak.

Fake – Boomhauer  is based on an irate gibberish message that was left on Mike Judge’s answering machine by a caller angry about Beavis and Butt-Head.

-He was the voice of South Park’s Kenny.

Fact - In "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut," Judge voiced Kenny in his single unmuffled line.

-In Mike Judge's Office Space, main character Peter is in trouble for failing to file his TPS reports with a cover sheet. TPS stands for Totally Pointless Stuff.

Fake - Judge says, "When I was an engineer, it stood for Test Program Set. Isn't that exciting?" A Test Program Set a document describing the step-by-step process in which an engineer tests and re-tests software or an electronics system. 

-In between engineering and cartooning, Judge earned a living in the circus as a juggler.

Fake - Played bass guitar for Anson Funderburgh and The Rockets, a Dallas based blues band.



White Cane Safety Day is a national observance around the world, celebrated on October 15 of each year since 1964. The date is set aside to celebrate the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired and the important symbol of blindness and tool of independence, the white cane.

The young Stevie Wonder was born six weeks premature in Saginaw, Michigan. The stunted growth of blood vessels in the back of his eyes caused his retinas to detach. The oxygen pumped into his incubator exacerbated the condition, leaving the tiny baby permanently blind.

-Wonder has 22 Grammy awards, the most ever awarded to a male solo artist.

Fact - He has recorded more than 30 U.S. top ten hits and has sold over 100 million albums and singles, making him one of the top 60 best-selling music artists

-Stevie Wonder played the harmonica on the song Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo.

Fake – But he did play on Chaka Khan's cover of Prince's "I Feel For You", on Eurythmics' single, "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)" and Elton John's "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues".

-As a part of his Motown contract, Wonder received $2.50 a week for expenses.

Fact - Because of Wonder's age, the label drew up a rolling five-year contract in which royalties would be held in trust until Wonder was 21. Wonder and his mother would be paid a weekly stipend to cover their expenses and a private tutor was provided for when Wonder was on tour. 

-In addition to being blind, Wonder also has no sense of taste.

Fake - On August 6, 1973, Wonder was in a serious automobile accident while on tour in North Carolina, when a car in which he was riding hit the back of a truck.[28][38] This left him in a coma for four days and resulted in a partial loss of his sense of smell and a temporary loss of sense of taste

-Stevie Wonder was responsible for establishing Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday as a national holiday. 

Fact - "Happy Birthday" features Wonder lamenting the fact that anyone would oppose the idea of a Dr. King holiday, where "peace is celebrated throughout the world". Wonder used the song to popularize the campaign, and continued his fight for the holiday, holding the Rally for Peace Press Conference in 1981. United States President Ronald Reagan approved the creation of the holiday, signing it into existence on November 2, 1983. 





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