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 Every morning around 5:50, we ask some questions about a particular topic.  
You have to determine if the questions are Fact or Fake
along with our morning show panel.
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1937 - At Mount Rushmore, Abraham Lincoln's face was dedicated.

 -The history of the United States on a bronze plate was written by a Nebraskan.

-While being constructed, Mount Rushmore had its own baseball team. 

-Mount Rushmore is named after the Lakota Indians’ name for the Black Hills, Maka Rasma.

-There is a cave behind the carving that is one of the many Presidential Doomsday Bunkers in case of catastrophe.

-George Washington's nose is longer than the others by about a foot. 



Kansas City

-Kansas City was originally called “Possum Trot”.

-Kansas City leads the nation in grain-elevator storage capacity.

-Greater Kansas City ranks second to Detroit in automobile assembly. 

-KC has more fountains than any other city.

- John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” was banned in Kansas City in 1939 because it used “Jesus Christ” in a profane way. 

-Walt Disney opened his first animation studio in Kansas City. 


1936 - Boulder Dam in Nevada was dedicated by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt by turning on the dam's first hydroelectric generator. The dam is now called Hoover Dam.

-At its base, Hoover Dam is as thick (660 ft.) as two footballs fields measured end-to-end.

-The men who removed rock from the sides of the canyon suspended from ropes from the top and using jackhammers and dynamite were called The Canyon Crackpots.

-The damn was constructed in concrete blocks because a continuous pour of that size would take 125 to cool.

-Oskar J.W. Hansen designed many of the sculptures on and around the dam. Hansen's dedication plaza, on the Nevada abutment, contains a sculpture of two winged figures flanking a flagpole. The 30 feet high bronze figures were so heavy a team of sled dogs was used to move them into place.

-The hard hat was invented at the Hoover Dam.



At last count, Nebraska was home to 66 bowling centers. There were 3.7 bowling alleys for every 100,000 residents, one of the top five ratios in the nation, according to the Census Bureau.

- Bowling is the number one participation sport in America.  

-Of the 89 PBA Hall of Famers, none are female.

-Irish Road bowling is slang for when a person is so drunk they can no longer walk home.

-There are three different types of styles used when releasing the ball onto the lane - the stroker, cranker and tweener styles.

-In bowling lingo, a ham bone is four strikes in a row. 



1881 - The American Red Cross provided relief for disaster for the first time. The disaster was the Great Fire of 1881 in Michigan. 

-The Red Cross logo was devised by inverting the Swiss flag.

 -From 2004 through 2008, 20 percent of the disasters to which the IFRC responded were weather related. 

-A red cross is not the only approved symbol of the organization. They also use a red crescent, a red crystal a red lion and sun and red wagon.

-The Red Cross has won more Nobel Peace Prizes than anyone.

-On August 7, 2007, Swiss Army knives sued the American Red Cross over their logo.




1967 - In Sweden, motorists stopped driving on the left side of the road and began driving on the right side.  

-Sweden switched to the right because of pressure from American car manufacturers who didn’t want to produce right-hand drive vehicles for Sweden.

-The campaign included displaying a Dagen H logo on various commemorative items, including shot glasses.

-Swedish television held a contest for songs about the change; the winning entry was Håll dig till höger, Svensson ('Keep to the right, Svensson'). 

- On the morning of Dagen H any driver on the road had to carry a certificate stating they understood the lane change procedures. 

-The modification of buses was the largest cost of the change.

-There were over 150,000 volunteer counselors out at 19, 000 crosswalks to help pedestrians.


1907 - "American Messenger Company" was started by two teenagers, Jim Casey and Claude Ryan. The company's name was later changed to "United Parcel Service." 

-UPS has filed two trademarks on the color brown. 

-During WWII women who filled delivery positions left behind by men serving overseas were fondly known as “The Brown Babes”.

- It is virtually impossible for a non-UPSer to acquire any piece of the UPS delivery uniform or a UPS vehicle.

-UPS package cars have a white roof panel to make them easier to track by satellite.

-In 2004, UPS asked their drivers to stop making left turns, unless it’s absolutely necessary. 



Seth Myers - Weekend Update anchor at Saturday Night Live before he became the host of Late Night. 

-A huge sports fan, Seth passed up two tickets to last year’s Super Bowl because he thought he had mono but it was a false alarm.

-While in college at Northwestern, Seth was part of an improv group called Woof Woof.

-According to Seth his talents include playing poker, flossing and using a Q-tip.

-Seth owns an Italian greyhound named Frisbee. 

-Michelle Obama told him not to eat the scallops at the White House Correspondent’s dinner.

Sean Connery celebrates his 84th birthday today!

-Sean is his middle name?

-In the 1950's, he placed third in the Mr. Universe competition?

-He was once stopped for speeding by a police officer named James Bond?

-It cost $20,000 for his hairpiece in the movie Hunt For Red October?

-People Magazine named him the Sexiest Man Of The Century in 1999?



August 22, 2014 is National Tooth Fairy Day!

-8 percent of people surveyed believe the tooth fairy could be either male or female. 

-During the Middle Ages children’s parents burned their baby teeth so that, when they were reincarnated, they would have teeth.

-In many Spanish cultures baby teeth are placed under a pillow and taken away in the night by a rat.

-Hammaspeikko, Finnish for "tooth troll" brings a child their adult teeth if they leave a present under their pillow.

-Larry the Cable Guy starred in Tooth Fairy 2 in 2012.



Ron Strykert, guitarist and singer for Men at Work, was born on this day in 1957.

-In the lyric “Where beer does flow and men chunder”, Chunder means vomit.

-Budgie smugglers are tight-fitting skimpy swimming trunks.

-Doovalacky is a spaz – “You look like a doovalacky on the dance floor”

-Australians say "I'm as dry as pommie's bathmat!" when in need of liquid refreshment.

-The Whoop-Whoop is the middle of nowhere – “So I was stuck out whoop whoop...”

-A Bunyip is a pastry traditionally eaten with afternoon tea.



1953 - The Wiffle ball was invented.  

-In 1953, David N. Mullany invented the Wiffle ball because his kids kept breaking the neighbors’ windows with their baseball.

-Mullany called it a Whiffle ball because at the first “whiff” of spring, boys would fill the streets to play ball.

-Competitive players are allowed to do anything short of changing the molecular structure of a ball's plastic to achieve the desired effect.

- There are no base runners in a game of Wiffle Ball.

-In April 2011, the government of New York State proclaimed that Wiffle ball (as well as kickball, freeze tag, and dodgeball) was "unsafe" and a "significant risk of injury" for children, and declared that any summer camp program that included two or more of such activities would be subject to government regulation.

-When thrown straight up, a Wiffle ball takes longer to come down than go up.




Charlize Theron 1975 

-Charlize Theron is a tattooed biker chick.

-Charlize was named after her mom’s favorite actor, Charlie Chaplin.

-Charlize got her big break in Hollywood when she was discovered while yelling at a bank teller.

-She is the only actress to win an Oscar (for Monster) after appearing naked in Playboy magazine. 

-Her first film role was in the direct-to-video film Children of the Corn III.

-Theron has her own production company called Denver and Delilah Films – named because of her love of music.




1981 - Fire fighters in Indianapolis, IN, answered a false alarm. When they returned to their station it was ablaze due to a grease fire. 

-In 1975, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had to recall 80,000 badges promoting ‘toy safety’ because they weren’t safe.

-Up until 2010, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York had a smoking room for patients and visitors.

-In 1989, convicted murderer Michael Godwin had his sentence reduced to life imprisonment after five years awaiting the electric chair. But then was electrocuted accidentally.

-In 1974 Basil Brown, a health advocate, drank himself to death with carrot juice.

-In 1982 Meatloaf developed a line of heat and serve meatloaves – which never made it to stores because taste testers said they were too fatty.

-Jimi Heseiden, the owner of Segway (self-balancing electric scooters), was killed riding a Segway.



The village of Chicago was incorporated on this day in 1833 with a population of approximately 250.

-The band Chicago actually was formed in Oakland, California. 

-Chicago is second in the U.S. in number of conventions hosted annually.

-Home Alone was filmed in Chicago.

-The name Chicago is derived from an Algonquin word “Chigagou,” which translates to “choppy waters”.

-Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport is the world's second busiest airport. 

-The original Playboy Mansion was in Chicago.


On this day in 1987 the soundtrack "Dirty Dancing" was released. Today a Fact or Fake on novelty dances.

-Cooking is a dance trend that's only waist up - designed to be done in front of a web cam. 

-The Urkel Dance incorporates movements which make the dancer's posture more like Urkel’s. 

-Stanky Legg - A dance that men with big baggy pants do when they need to "air out" a fart.

-"Oops Up Side Your Head" is "danced" by sitting on the floor in rows and performing a rhythmic "rowing" action.

-"Meatstick" is a dance inspired by a band that was raiding for food in an icebox that only contained sausage-like items, causing problems for the vegetarian bassist. 

-The Grizzly Bear is an early 20th-century dance style. During the dance, the dancers would yell out: "It's a Bear!" 



Dean Cain was born on this day in 1966 so, a Fact or Fake on Superman.

 -In the Superman comics, there is a pink kryptonite that turns superman gay.

-One of Superman’s powers is super-breath.

-George Reeves, the actor who played Superman in the 1950s was almost shot by a boy testing his invulnerability. 

-Superman and Batman went on double dates.

-George Reeves enjoyed wearing Superman’s costume so much that show producers had to ask him to stop wearing it in public.

-Darth Vader trained Christopher Reeve.



1981 - England's Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married.

-Victoria and David Beckham were married at Luttrellstown Castle just outside Dublin, Ireland and the newlyweds sat on golden, red velvet thrones during the reception.

Justin Timberlake had a dance-off with Jimmy Fallon at the wedding reception for his marriage to Jessica Biel.

-Nicole Richie and Joel Madden had an elephant included in their ceremony for good luck.

-Britney Spears and Kevin Federline provided the bridesmaids and groomsmen with tracksuits that read "The Maids" and "Pimps," respectively.

-Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon held their wedding reception at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

-Donald Trump and Melania Knauss married in 2005 and Donald had all the guests sign employment contracts so he could fire them when the night was over.



The city of Miami was incorporated on this day in 1896.

-Of the to 100 most populted U.S. cities, Miami is the furthest south?

-According to weather records, the temperature has never been as low as 0 or s high as 100 in

-Miami is named after the Native American tribe the Mayaimis?

-Omaha's population is bigger than Miami's?

-The Miami subway system is third in size behind New York and Boston?

-Burger King is headquartered in Miami?


Estelle Getty was born on this day in 1924. So, a Fact or Fake on the Golden Girls.

-All four stars each received an Emmy Award throughout the series, making it one of only three sitcoms in the award's history to achieve this feat.  

-Estelle Getty was one year younger than her TV daughter, Bea Arthur. 

-The United Kingdom had a version of the show called The Brighton Belles that was in the top 10 for five years.

-When Rue McClanahan and Betty White were first hired for the series, Betty played man-hungry Blanche, and Rue the naive Rose. 

-In the pilot episode a gay cook named Coco also lived with the gals. 

-George Clooney guest starred on the show as an Elvis impersonator.




Today is National Hot Dog Day and we have a Fact or Fake on The World-Famous Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

-The first Nathan’s hot dog eating contest took place on July 4, 1916 between four immigrants arguing over who was the most patriotic. 

-Jarek Bronislaw, a polish immigrant named his hotdog stand after Supreme Court Justice Nathan Clifford because he wanted it to sound American.

-On the morning of the contest, all the contestants are driven to the stage in the Top Dog Trolly.

-The winner of the men's competition is given possession of the coveted international "bejeweled" mustard-yellow belt which rests in the country of its owner. The winner of the women’s competition is given a mop.

-Former NFL Player William "The Refrigerator" Perry competed as a celebrity contestant in 2003 and came in second.

-Joey Chesnut, winner of the past 8 contests, says he’ll become a personal trainer when he retires from the eating circuit.




On this date in 2007 the seventh and last book of the Harry Potter series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," was released. 

-On the weekends after the fifth and sixth Harry Potter books were released, young people’s emergency room visits were reduced by almost half.

-In 2004, Forbes named Rowling as the first person to become a U.S.-dollar billionaire by writing books.

- The ‘t’ at the end of Voldemort is silent. 

-The least successful Harry Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” made more than the most successful Twilight movie. 

-A picture of Mickey Mouse from Fantasia can be seen in the collection of great wizards in Professor Dumbledore’s study in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

 -Dumbledore is an Old English word for “bumblebee.” 


David Hasselhoff was born on this day in 1952.

-The Hoff is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The Most Watched TV Star in the World". 

-David Hasselhoff has created his own social networking Web site, called HoffSpace. 

-In 2001, he served as rector of Dundee University.

-Hasselhoff had an appearance in the movie DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story as the dodgeball coach to the German team, Team Hasselhoff. Berating his team after being eliminated from a tournament, he shouts "Ihr seid alle Schweine!" which translated means “Why don’t you buy my music?!”

-The Hoff’s ex-wife, Catherine Hickland, married a man named Michael E. Knight after she and David were divorced. 

-Hasselhoff ‘s daughters are musicians in a band named "The Hoff Drops".


Rocky and Bullwinkle live in the town of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. The population of Frostbite Falls is variously given as 23, 48, 29, 31.5 and 4001 over the course of the series.

-Rocky and Bullwinkle began as The Frostbite Falls Revue about a group of animals trying to take over the zoo.

-In the original sketches, Mr. Peabody's named was "Beware". 

-Rocky and Bullwinkle share the middle initial "J," which stands for “Jet” and “Jellybrain” respectively.

-Rocky and Bullwinkle’s creator, Jay Ward, designed the trademark characters for Cap'n Crunch and Quisp breakfast cereals.

-June Foray voiced both Rocky The Flying Squirrel and Natasha on The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show.

-British Invasion band Herman's Hermits got its name from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.




E.B. White was born on this day in 1899. 

-The initials E.B. stand for Elwyn Brooks, but everyone called him “Andy”.

-White claimed that his wife’s use of the phrase “tangle teaser” for hairbrush was how he knew he had married the right woman.

-They had a son, Joel White, who, ironically, made his living as a BBQ restaurant owner. 

-E.B. White’s updated guide for writers, called The Elements of Style, is still so popular that an opera was based on it.

-White collaborated with humorist James Thurber on a book called "Is Sex Necessary? Or Why You Feel the Way You Do".

-The first words Charlotte speaks to Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web are “you stink”.



Bob Seger and Juanita Dorricott were married on this date in 1993.

-His song Her Strut was written about Jane Fonda?

-He co-wrote the Eagles song Heartache Tonight?

-Shakedown from Beverly Hills Cop II was Seger's only #1 song?

-Tom Cruise's dance to Old Time Rock 'n Roll in Risky Business originally had him leaping into
     the scene from a trampoline instead of sliding across the floor?

-According to Wurlitzer, Old Time Rock 'n Roll is the most played jukebox song of all time?

-We've Got tonight, written by Seger, ended up being a bigger hit for Kenny Rogers and Kim


2005 - Danny Way, a daredevil skateboarder, rolled down a large ramp and jumped across the Great Wall of China. He was the first person to clear the wall without motorized aid.

-In China, they don’t call it The Great Wall of China; they call it changcheng which translates as many rocks.

-The great wall is longer than the circumference of the Earth.

-The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure that can be seen from space. 

-Mortar used to bind the stones was made from human bones.

-President Nixon was the first foreign politician to visit the Great Wall of China when he went in 1972.

-Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Designer for Chanel and Fendi, hosted a runway fashion show on the Great Wall in 2007.

Kevin Bacon turns 56 today!

-Kevin and his wife Kyra Sedgewick named their first dog Eggsin?

-The first movie he appeared in was Friday The 13th?

-To prepare for his role in Footloose, he enrolled in high school as a transfer student to study

-While filming A Few Good Men, Bacon would do some of his Footloose moves while Jack
     Nicholson was trying to recite his Truth speech, cracking him up?

-He formed a duo with his brother Michael and called it Bacon Bitz?

-He's one of only 6 actors or actresses to be nominated for an Academy Award without


July 7, 2014 is Chocolate Day! What do you know about Hershey, PA?

-The bushes outside the original factory that spell out “Hershey Cocoa” are chocolate snakeroot bushes.

-Milton S. Hershey’s middle name was Snavely.

-Hershey is not the town’s official name.

-The streetlights in town are nicknamed Hinkle’s Twinkles.

-Mr. Hershey left almost his entire fortune to the Hershey Zoo.

-The Hershey Bears (the town’s hockey team) were originally called the “B’ars,” 


Zippo has been named one of the top-ten most patriotic brands. Let’s see what you know about them.

-Zippo got it’s name from the distinctive sound the lighter makes when it’s ignited.

-Civilians were not allowed to buy Zippos from 1939 through 1945.

-Zippo lighters made by prisoners are stamped with a number that identifies the prisoners’ crime and sentence length.

-Zippo will repair your Zippo for $5 – no matter how old it is.

-21% of the people who own Zippo lighters are collectors. 

- Zippo lighters have appeared in over 1,200 movies. 




Jackson Browne Plays the Orpheum this Wednesday. Let’s see what you know!

-Jackson Brown’s first name is actually Kurt.

-Browne was born in Heidelberg, Germany.

-Brown was a member of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

-He co-wrote the Eagles' first hit, "Take It Easy."

-Browne is very politically active and, for the 2008 presidential election, Browne endorsed John McCain.

-Browne lives “off the grid”.


On this day in 1927 the U.S. Marines adopted the English bulldog as their mascot. 

-The Bulldog was named not for their build but for the breeder Jonathan Bull. 

-The Bulldog is the third most popular dog breed in America.

-An English bulldog has never won best in show at Westminster.

-Bulldogs are one of the most popular mascots for universities and sports teams. But only one band uses them as a mascot – The Beastie Boys.

-Over 80 percent of bulldogs are delivered by Caesarean section. 

-Bulldogs were originally bred in England dating back to the 16th century, believed to be a mix of mastiffs and pugs. 


Terri Nunn from Berlin turns 53 today.  Their big hit came from the movie Top Gun.  Here's a Fact or Fake on other songs from movies.

-Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers, featured in Ghost, was originally written for a
     movie about a man in prison?

-I've Had The Time Of My Life with Righteous Brother Bill Medley, along with Jennifer Warnes,
    won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy?

-Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On from Titanic is the world's 2nd biggest selling single behind
     White Christmas?

-Kevin Costner's movies The Bodyguard and Robin Hood have the 2 longest charting #1 songs
     for movie singles?

-During filming of You'r The One That I Want from Grease, Olivia Newtion John had to be sewn
     into her tight pants after a zipper broke?

Robert Englund, who played Freddy Kreuger, sang back-up vocals on Can You Feel The Love
     Tonight from the Lion King?


1992 - Billy Joel got his high school diploma. He had overslept and missed English and Gym finals 25 years before. 

So, are these stars high school droputs?

-Bill Cosby

-Cheech Marin

-Catherine Zeta Jones

-Gisele Bundchen

-Dolph Lundgren

-Princess Diana


Original UB40 band member Astro, whose real name is Terrence Wilson, turns 57 today.

-UB40 is from the Dominican Republic, not Jamaica?

-They named the band after a British unemployment document?

-Red Red Wine was written after a night of partying with the Psychedelic Furs?

-Red Red Wine was a #1 song in the U.S...but not until it's second time on the charts?

-They owe their careers to Chrissy Hynde from the Pretenders?

-UB40 sued Paris Hilton?


2005 - Roger Ebert received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the first film critic ever.

-As a boy growing up in Urbana, Ill., he got his start in journalism publishing a comic book newsletter.

-He was a recovering alcoholic who stopped drinking in 1979. He said he stopped drinking because he was getting too fat and Siskel kept teasing him.

-He was an early investor in Google.

-He went on two dates with Oprah. 

-Siskel and Ebert agreed on almost nothing but did agree that Dolly Parton was the easiest star to talk to.

-Ebert collected movie memorabilia and got the white suit Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever. 


On this day in 1989, the "Batman: Motion Picture Soundtrack" was released.  Here's a Fact or Fake on the movie Batman.

-Sean Young was originally going to play the Kim Bassinger character of Vicki Vale, but was
     injured.  Prior to casting Bassinger, director Tim Burton wanted Michelle Pfeifer?

-Jack Nicholson turned down the role of The Joker, until he found out Robin Williams was his
     replacement.  He then took the role?

-Batman was the highest grossing movie of 1989?

-Michael Keaton's ears on his bat suit were too tall to fit into the bat mobile, so they had to be

-There was originally going to be a Robin in the movie and it was offered to Keifer Sutherland?

-The boots Keaton wore as Batman were designed and built by the sneaker company Etonic?


Paula Abdul was born on this day in 1962. 

-In addition to being head cheerleader at Van Nuys High School, Paula Abdul was on the debate team.

-Abdul studied broadcasting at California State University at Northridge. 

-Paula was the choreographer on the Oliver Stone movie The Doors.

-Paula has the record for longest time for an album to reach #1.

-Hey Paula, her reality television series on Bravo, furthered her image as a sweetheart when she was caught on camera slipping money into her staffs’ pockets.

-Paula had a long-haired Chihuahua named Chomps.

Def Leppard kicks off their summer tour with KISS next week in Salt Lake City.  Here's an F or F on one of Britain's most famous rock bands.

-The band originally spelled their name Deaf Leopard?

-Thomas Dolby played keyboards on the Pyromania album?

-Mariah Carey recorded the band's Bringin' On The Heartbreak for her 2002 album

-The first lyric to Pour Some Sugar On Me is "I'm"?

-They are the only rock band in the 80's to have at least one #1 song from each of their albums
     they released?


Eddie Izzard hits the Orpheum in Omaha Tuesday night. Let’s see what you know.

-Eddie ran more than 1,100 miles in 7 weeks across the UK In 2009.

-Izzard has dyslexia.

-Eddie impersonates celebrities during his act and portrays God with the voice of Judi Dench.

-Izzard produced a sitcom in 1997 for Channel 4, a live action comedy with actors dressed in cowsuits, called Cows.

-Eddie is scared of spiders.

-Izzard, who is a huge fan, has an unaccredited cameo in the Lord of the Rings movie.



Helen Hunt's birthday was yesterday.  She turned 51.  We'll celebrate with a Fact or Fake on one of her bigger movies Twister.

-Twister was the first full-length cinema movie to be released on DVD?

-in 1996, a tornado hit a drive-in theater that was showing Twister?

-Melissa Gertz, who played Bill Paxton's fiancee, once played Dorothy in her school's Wizard of
     Oz play?

-When you count up all the deaths shown in the movie, they add up to 12?

-For the sounds of the tornadoes, editors combined mating humpback whales and the revving
    engines of a NASCAR car?

-The item that crashes into the truck and breaks the windshield was a tricycle?


The College World Series or CWS is an annual baseball tournament held in Omaha, Nebraska which determines the NCAA Division I college baseball champion. 

-Future U.S. President George Bush played shortstop on Yale's 1947 and 1948 CWS teams. 

-No sitting presidents attended a College World Series game during the 20th century.

-Two of last year’s teams made it to Omaha this year.

-The NCAA issues 700 tickets to each participating school. 

-Vuvuzelas are banned from CWS.

-In club seats, they're serving up lobster rolls.


Lipstick first appeared over 5000 years ago.  How much do you know?

-In Medievel times, only royalty were allowed to wear lipstick?

-George Washington wore lipstick?

-Sharon Stone demanded during filming of Basic Instinct that no one else be allowed to wear
     red lipstick?

-New York City almost banned lipstick in the 20's because of a fear that men could die kissing a
     woman wearing lipstick?

-The South American continent is the largest consumer of lipstick?

-A woman who has worn lipstick since her early teen years will swallow around 1 pound of
     lipstic in her lifetime?


Gene Wilder was born on this day in 1933. What do you know?

-Gene Wilder was born Jerome Silberman.

-Wilder attended the same college as Tom Brokaw and Ashton Kutcher.

-Wilder's first professional acting job was in a production of Twelfth Night where he also served as costume designer because he knew how to use a sewing machine.

-Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was Wilder’s highest grossing movie.

-Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was financed by Quaker Oats.

-Sammy Davis Jr. wanted to play the candy shop owner who sings the opening song in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

It was on this day in 1984 that the U.S. and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations for the first time in 117 years.

-More than half of Vatican City's residents live outside the city? 

-The only mailbox is located just outside the city's main gate?

-Vaticn City hast he highest crime rate in the world?

-Latin is the official language?

-The Body of Bishops is the sequestered group that elects the new Pope?

-The famous chimney that puffs the black or white smoke during a papal election dates back to
     the 17th century?


Donald Duck Day in honor of Donald Duck's cartoon debut. Donald first appeared in "The Wise Hen" on June 9, 1934. 

-Donald's original name was Donald Oliver Duckling. 

-Donald holds an honorary degree from the University of Oregon.

-Donald stars in more Disney films than any Disney character except Mickey Mouse.

-Donald Duck and his buddies come from a little place called Quacker Hollow.

- Donald is the fourth most published comic book character in the world.

-Jack Nicholson uses the alias “Donald Duck” when he checks into hotels.



Edge of Tomorrow comes out June 6, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt don massive metal suits for their roles as warriors trying to save the world – and in a Groundhog Day-type twist, every time they die trying, the day resets itself. Let’s see what you know about Emily Blunt.

-Emily Blunt drank only kale smoothies to attain her wafer-thin look for The Devil Wears Prada.

-Emily Blunt has kissed both Tom Hanks (Charlie Wilson's War) and his son Colin (The Great Buck Howard) onscreen.

-Emily Blunt sang back-up vocals on Michael Bublé's album Call Me Irresponsible.

-Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski, named their daughter Mindy after John’s costar on The Office.

-John took Emily to Madame Tussauds for their first date.


1982 - Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion in Memphis, TN, opened as a tourist attraction. 

-Graceland was named after the Presley families beloved Springer Spaniel, Grace.

-There are 5 people buried at Graceland.

-Graceland is the second most visited private home in America.

-The kitchen at Graceland is carpeted.

-Bruce Springsteen was ejected by security guards from Graceland.

-Elvis Presley was buried twice. 

Andy Griffith's birthday was yesterday.  He passed away in 2012 at the age of 86.

-The Andy Griffith Show was a spin-off of the Danny Thomas Show?

-The whistling in the theme song was done by Andy?

-Barney and Andy were cousins?

-Frances Bavier, who played Aunt Bea, actually baked the pies we saw on set?

-The show was the only one to end its run #1 in the ratings?

-No African Americans ever had a speaking part on the show?


1997 - Neil Young canceled his European tour because he had cut his finger while slicing a ham sandwich. Young said “I’d have eaten the thing in one piece if I’d known that cutting it in half would jeopardize the tour… It’s macaroni and cheese from now on.”

-Shakira was bitten by a seal while on vacation. 

-David Bowie got a lollipop in the eye.

-Johnny Cash was kicked by a mule.

-Lou Reed was bitten on the tushy by a fan.

-Keith Moon impaled his hand with his drumstick after a twirling trick went bad.

-Steven Tyler has fallen offstage while performing the song “Love in an Elevator” — twice. 


Today's Fact or Fake is on the popular TV series The Love Boat!

-Lauren Tewes, who played Julie, was fired from the show due to her cocaine habit?

-The Pacific Princess became a drug smuggling ship in the Meditteranian?  

-More than 1000 actors and actresses were on The Love Boat...including Ronald Reagan?

-The theme song, sung by Jack Jones originally, was re-recorded by Phil Collins under his
     middle name David for the show's last season?

-Every single member of the Gilligan's Island cast made at least one appearance on The Love

-Captain Steuben got married on the show to Marrion Ross, who played Mrs. Cunningham on
     Happy Days?

The Love Boat once visited Fantasy Island?


1983 - "Weird Al" Yankovic left his job as a mail clerk. 

-Weird Al recorded his breakthrough hit "My Balogna" in the bathroom. 

-Weird Al turned down an opening slot for Michael Jackson in 1988. 

-"America's Polka King," Frankie Yankovic is Weird Al’s uncle.

-“Like A Surgeon” was Madonna’s idea.

-Weird Al has never had a top ten hit.

-Yankovic was a member of his high school’s Volcano Worshippers club.


It was on this day in 1969 that construction began on Disney World in Florida.

-Coins thrown into the water at the It's A Small World attraction are collected and used as tips         for the people playing the Disney costume characters?

-Of the original rides at Disney World, only the Hall of Presidents and Haunted Mansion remain?

-When the park opened on October 1st, 1971, attendance was so massive they had to close the
     gates at 11am?

-Admission to the park on opening day was $6?

-Cinderella's castle was built using stones quarried from where they built Tomorrowland? 

-Disney has more buses running in the them park than the city of Miami?

On this day in 1934, police shot and killed Bonnie and Clyde.

-Bonnie and Clyde were killed in the state of Louisiana?  

-Bonnie was married while she was Clyde's criminal partner?

-It's a fact that Bonnie's epitaph has a poem about flowers and sunshine.  Clyde's says, "Gone
     but not forgotten?"

-The car they were killed in is on display at the Louisiana state museum?

-Clyde killed his first person while in prison?

The 1967 movie Bonnie & Clyde starred Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood?  


Sure, you know Elton John, but do you know Bernie Taupin? Bernie Taupin was born on this day in 1950.

-Taupin did not graduate from high school.

-Taupin met Elton when their sisters were in the same dance class.

-In addition to writing for Elton John, Taupin also wrote the lyrics to including "We Built This City" by Starship.

-Taupin has a band called Lawdy Mama(Crocodile Rock)

-Taupin has sung back up to Shaun Cassidy.

-Taupin is an expert in rodeo “cutting” – a rodeo event where the rider “cuts” a steer away from the rest of the herd.



On this date in 1899 Jacob German of New York City became the first driver to be arrested for speeding. 

-One in every 6 drivers will get a speeding ticket this year.

-If you fight a speeding ticket, your word is as good as that of the arresting Officer.

-Doctors get more speeding tickets than any other profession.

-Texas issues the most speeding tickets of any state in the nation.

-The fastest speeding ticket in the world was in Texas and was supposedly 242 mph in a 75 mph zone. 

-The most expensive speeding ticket ever given was for $233,155.



Dusty Hill from ZZ Top turns 65 today!

-The only member of the band who doesn't have a beard has the last name Beard?

-Their first show ever was opening for Blue Oyster Cult in 1970?

-The band played themselves in Back To The Future 3?

-Being Texans, they derived their name from teh Z pattern on barn doors?

-Their most famous album is Eliminator with Sharp Dressed Man, Legs, Gimme All Your Loving,
     and Got Me Under Pressure.  Eliminator is the brand of guitars they play?

-Sleeping Bag was their highest ranking song on the Billboard Hot 100?


May 16, 2014 is NASCAR Day!  

-Skinnier drivers are allowed to add weights to their cars.

-Drivers who “get into the marbles” have run their car into the infield.

-There are eight different flags that the NASCAR officials use from the flag stand to control the race. The only flag that is shown only once per race is the checkered flag.

-Drivers are required to have a valid driver's licence from North Carolina to race in NASCAR.

-NASCAR cars are required to have three "stock" parts from the manufacturer: the hood, the roof and the trunk lid.

-The hardest crash recorded in NASCAR was 128 Gs.


George Lucas was born on this date in 1944. Happy Birthday and here's a Fact or Fake.

-He was rejected from joining the US Air Force because he had too many speeding tickets. 

-As an intern at Disney Studios in 1967 George Lucas was a voice extra on The Jungle Book.

-Modeled the character of Chewbacca after his uncle Stanley.

-Yoda’s first name is Minch but George Lucas decided not to use it in the movie.

-Had a long romantic involvement with Linda Ronstadt.

-Lucas has pledged to give half of his fortune to charity.



Today, we explore movies that had different working titles.

-Pretty Woman was originally called 3000 for the amount of money Vivian was set to make from
     Richard Lewis?

-Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry was originally known as Dead Right?

-Na'vi is the language used in James Cameron's Avatar.  The working title was Kewong, the
     Na'vi word for alien?

-The classic movie Alien starring Sigourney Weaver was called Star Beast?

-The working title of The Breakfast Club, which John Hughes wrote in under 5 days, was The
     Lunch Bunch?

-The working title of The Blair Witch Project was The Black Hills Project?  


George Carlin was born on this day in 1937. Let's see what you know!

-He was the first-ever host of Saturday Night Live.

-Was the first posthumous recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. 

-During his time in the Air Force he was court marshaled three times.

-In 2004, Carlin placed first on the Comedy Central list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians.

 -He narrated the children's show Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. 

-Carlin’s character in Cars, Fillmore, is an anti-establishment hippie VW Microbus with a psychedelic paint job and the license plate that reads “420TME”.


With the speculation that Adele has announced a new album on twitter this week, let’s see what you know about her.

-Adele’s full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.

-The first band Adele ever saw live was The Spice Girls.

-“Skyfall” is the only James Bond song to win an Academy award.

-She has a pet rabbit named Louis Armstrong.

- “Someone Like You,” was the first piano-and-vocal-only ballad to top the Hot 100 chart since its founding in 1958. 

-Adele is the first artist to win all four of the “Big Four” Grammy awards - Best New Artist, Album, Record and Song of the Year.



On this day in 1955, Rock Around The Clock was released by Bill Haley & His Comets.  It was the theme song for Happy Days during its first season in 1974.  See how much you know about Happy Days!

-The original title of the show was called Cool? 

-Fonzie originally wore a windbreaker?

-Joannie's nickname from the Fonz was Half Pint?

-Ralph Malph's parents were named Mickey and Minnie?

-The show was set in 1950's Akron?

-The Fonz's leather jacket is now located in the Hollywood Hall of Fame next to Steve
     McQueen's Triumph motorcycle?


As part of Night of the Proms concert series — a popular European concert series making its debut in the United States this summer — Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, The Pointer Sisters and Nile Rodgers & Chic will perform backed by a Belgian classical orchestra, a 24-voice choir and an eight-piece rock band. Omaha is one of only four American cities to host the show, which comes to CenturyLink Center Omaha on June 22.

-Loggins and Messina were the most successful duo of the 70s.

-Loggins appears in the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V playing a cop.

-Loggins oldest, Crosby Loggins, won the MTV reality show Rock the Cradle in 2008.

-Kenny is featured on two of the 10 best selling soundtracks of all time.

-Kenny credits his fitness to Crosby, Stills and Nash.

-Poison’s top ten hit from 1989 “Your Momma Don’t Dance” was originally a hit for Loggins and Messina.

Steve Farris from Mr. Mister turns 67 today.  Here's a Fact Or Fake on Famous Misters.

-Mr. Magoo has a first name and it's Quincy?

-Mr. T was a body guard for Michael Jackson?

-Mr. Potato Head was originally called Spud Face?

-Mr. Rogers wore sweaters on his show to cover up the 2 tattoes he got while in the military?

-The first Mr. Coffee came out in the 1940's?

-The secret behind Mr. Ed's mouth moving was peanut butter?


Willie Nelson was born on this day in 1933 – Musican Country legend Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss will bring their co-headlining tour to Stir Cove at Harrah's Casino on July 11. Let's see what you know about this American legend.

-Willie Nelson’s nickname as a kid was “Booger Red”.

-Willie got his musical education from a course through the mail.

-He has a black belt in kung fu.

-Mountain Dew the soda is named after "Mountain Dew" the Willie Nelson song.

-Nelson lives in a community in Hawaii with Kris Kristofferson, Woody Harrelson, and Owen Wilson.

-As a kid in Texas, Nelson used to hunt raccoons with his coon hounds winning a UKC event when he was 11.


On this date in 1998, Steven Tyler injured his knee at a concert in Anchorage.  See how much you know about the fantastic rock band Aerosmith.

-Aerosmith had #1 hits in the 70's and 90's, but not in the 80's?

-The wings logo was designed by Steven Tyler when he was in high school?

-The band's name came from a tag on Joe Perry's shirt?

-The first word of the song Dream On is every?

-Toys In The Attic was the name of their first album?

-Alicia Silverston appeared in 3 of their videos?


Jay Leno 1950 - Comedian, television talk show host ("The Tonight Show") 

2000 - Jay Leno received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

-Jay Leno was a straight A student.

-His collection of classic autos is so popular that the Mattel Company produced the special Hot Wheels "Jay Leno Collector Set".

-Leno faced rejection in his early years because he was too menacing.

-Leno first TV role was in the 1976 episode "J.J. in Trouble" of Good Times.

Fact – J.J. Walker once employed both Leno and David Letterman for $150 a week to write his jokes.

-Leno never missed a day of work on The Tonight Show.

-Leno said that he does not spend a penny of his money that he earns from The Tonight Show. 



Al Pacino celebrates his 74th birthday today!

-Pacino was asked to play the role of the hotel manager in Pretty Woman, but turned down the

-The only Oscar Pacino has won was for Best Actor in Scarface?  

-He was in his 60's when his twins were born?

-He's partially blind in his right eye after an on-set accident filming The Godfather?  

His character in the Godfather is named Michael Corleone.  F or F...his grandparents came from
     Corleone, Italy?  

-Al was the face of Facebook when it premiered?


1833 - A patent was granted for first soda fountain. Today a Fact or Fake on Coca-Cola.

-Coke makes so many different beverages that if you drank one per day; it would take you over 3 years to try them all.

-Americans ingest 10.8 pounds per person of sugar each year from Coca-Cola.

-Coke was the first soft drink to be consumed in outer space.

-In 2001, Coca-Cola ran a program called H2NO – A campaign to teach waiters at Olive Garden how to get customers to say “No” to H20.

-Coca-Cola Freestyle (the touch screen drink machines with a bunch of options) is designed by the design house that designs Lamborghini.

-Coca-Cola is the most understood term in the world.



On this day in 1964, Ken Johnson threw the first no-hitter for a loss...1-0 to the Cincinnati Reds after his team committed 2 errors.  Here are some other amazing baseball feats...or not!

-A team has turned 2 triple plays during the same game?  

-A team once was called out on a triple play without the ball being hit?  

-A pitcher's mom, watching the game in the stands on Mother's Day, got hit by a foul ball that he

-A player once hit 2 grand slams in the same inning?

-An umpire was once credited with an out?

-Only once in the history of baseball have 2 players hit back-to-back homers twice in the same


Aaron Spelling was born on this day in 1923. Today, a Fact or Fake on Charlie’s Angels. 

-The original title for the show was The Alley Cats. 

-Charlie’s Angels was the series that inspired a critic to first utter the phrase "jiggle TV"  

-In the TV movie Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie's Angels Aaron Spelling was portrayed by the voice of Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta.

-Kate Jackson was offered the female lead opposite Dustin Hoffman in 1979's Kramer vs. Kramer, but turned it down because she thought the role was too serious.

Fake - the Charlie's Angels producers refused to give her the necessary time off and the role went to Meryl Streep (who won an Oscar for the effort).

-Sammy Davis Jr. guest starred on the second season of Charlie’s Angels.

-ABC attempted to create a spin-off for Charlie's Angels in 1980 called Toni's Boys. 


On this day in 1862, Congress established the U.S. Mint in Denver.

-The first mint in Philadelphia was powered by a water wheel to make the coins?  

-The first commemorative coin produced by the Mint featured Christopher Columbus?

-There once was a $2.50 coin?

-The back of a Kennedy 50 cent piece is an image of the Eternal Flame in Arlington?

-E Pluribus Unum showed up on a coin for the first time in 1795.  It's the Latin phrase for In God
     We Trust?

-Susan B. Anthony is the only female to appear on a circulating coin?  


April 18, 2014 is National Animal Crackers Day - Studies have shown that nearly everyone bites the heads off their animal crackers first before finishing off the rest.

-The term “cracker barrel” refers to the fact that animal crackers were generally only sold in bulk until 1902.

-The reason the Animal Crackers box is designed with a string handle is so people could carry the snack while riding and hold the reins at the same time.

-The only animals to make it through the entire lifetime of Barnum’s Animals Crackers are the lions.

-Currently, there are 19 shapes but only 18 animals inside a box of Nabisco’s Barnum’s Animal Crackers.

-There have never been rabbits in a box of animal crackers made by Nabisco.

-For the cracker’s 100th anniversary, a survey was asked as to which animal shape the public would like to see added into the mix. The Chicken was the winner.



Happy Birthday to Jennifer Garner, who turns 42 today!  

-She's a trained ballerina?

-Both of her parents are professional cellists?

-She hates her middle name Olivia?

-The first movie than Jennifer and her now-husband Ben Affleck starred in together was Pearl

-She and Ben are the same height?

-She named her Labrador Retriever Martha Stewart?


Peeps are produced by Just Born, a candy manufacturer founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, by Russian immigrant Sam Born.

-The size and shape of the classic Peep has not changed since the first Peep was manufactured in 1953.

-Sam Born and his family don’t celebrate Easter.

 -Peeps are the third most popular Easter candy after chocolate and jelly beans.

-Over 30% of Peeps are bought for reasons other than eating.

-When it first debuted in 1953, it took 27 hours to hand-create each Peep. 

-Sacramento, California hosts an annual Peep Off; this is a 30-minute Peep eating contest, and the record is 67 Peeps in 30 minutes.


On this day in 1850, the city of San Francisco was incorporated.

-San Francisco's original name was Yerba Buena...Spanish for Good Herb?  

-During the Great Depression, San Francisco was hit so hard that every bank in the city limits

-The last live Beattle's concert was in San Francisco?  

-In the 1860's, people who were deemed ugly weren't allowed to show their faces in public in
     San Francisco?

-Alcatraz, which sits across the bay, only held 3 female inmates in its existence?

-The speed limit on Lombard Street in 10 mph?  


Anthony Michael Hall, from The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, was born on this day in1968.

-Anthony Michael Hall’s name is actually Michael Anthony Hall.

-AMH’s first movie roll was as Rusty Griswold in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

-AMH didn’t get along with the other actors on the set of the Breakfast Club.

-In “The Breakfast Club” Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) is driven to detention by Hall’s own mother, Mercedes.

-AMH is the youngest cast member in the history of Saturday Night Live.

-AMH has kissed Will Smith on screen.

On this say in 1986, Kellogg's stopped giving tours of its breakfast plant after 80 years as they were worried about giving up secrets to spies from other cereal companies!  Today, Fact or Fake covers Kellogg's cereals! 

-Tony The Tiger is always shown wearing sneakers?

-Apple Jacks were originally apple shaped until a plant manager calculated Kellogg's could
     save $2 million a year if they shared the same cereal press as Froot Loops?

-The longest running cartoon mascot for Kellogg's are Snap, Crackle and Pop?

-The original mascot of Sugar Smacks, now called Honey Smacks, wasn't Dig-'em The
     Frog...but Cliffy the Clown?

-Product 19 was named for the 19 essential vitamins and minerals it offers?

-The original colors of Froot Loops were red, yellow and orange?


1849 - Walter Hunt patented the safety pin to satisfy a $15 debt. He sold the rights for $100. Today the largest user of safety pins is the retail sewing notions market, while the largest commercial user is the laundry and cleaning industry.

-Hunt originally called his invention the Fancy Fastener.

-Walter Hunt also invented the sewing machine.

-The European Patent Office lists 55 patents with “safety pin” in the title.

- An estimated 103 people had to be treated in hospital in the UK in 2002 for safety pin injuries.

-If you want to buy your safety pins with the point open and ready to use, the cost is higher. 

-Avril Lavigne has a safety pin tattooed on her neck.


On this date in 1966, Percy Sledge released "When A Man Loves A Woman."  Michael Bolton also did a version, so we're gonna see how much you know about him!

-He's Canadian?

-He opened for Ozzy Osborne?

-None of his songs went to #1 here in the U.S.?

-He co-wrote a song with Bob Dylan?

-HIs favorite meal is pork chops?

-He wrote the song "I Found Someone" that went to #10 for Cher?  


War Horse opens tonight at the Orpheum. So, a Fact or Fake on famous horses.

-Silver became the Lone Ranger’s horse when the Lone Ranger saved him from an enraged buffalo.

-In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pinkie Pie’s pet is a toothless bear named Gummy.

-Pokey, the horse from The Gumby Show was played by Joe Piscopo on SNL.

-Bullseye, Woody’s horse in the Toy Story movies, is voiced by Martin Short.

-Dudley Do-Right's horse is named Ontario.


John Oates of Hall & Oates turns 65 today!  How much do you know about the famous duo!

-Darryl Hall's real last name is Hall?

-Darryl and John met in Philadelphia while part of two different bands after gunfire broke out
     between rival gangs and they ended up huddling in the same elevator?

-John has never shaven his famous mustache?

-Their first #1 song in the U.S. was Maneater?

-As an April Fool's prank in the 90's, Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn was replaced by John for the
     first 4 songs of a B&D concert?

-The lyrics in Maneater after "the woman is wild" line go like "A she-cat tamed by the purr of a


Robert Downey, Jr. 1965

-Burger King received product placement in the Iron Man movies because Robert Downey Jr. claims Burger King saved his life from his drug addiction.

-Robert Downey Junior practices Wing Chun.

-The ending of “Pretty in Pink” was changed when RDJ didn’t get the part of Duckie.

-Downey has starred in four movies that have each grossed over $500 million at the box office worldwide. 

-RDJ has a tattoo that says Suzie Q on his bicep. He says it’s a relic from the drug years when he decided the Hostess treat was the most delicious thing on earth.


Eddie Murphy celebrates his 53rd birthday today.  

-His middle name is Regan?

-He's father to 8 children?

-Beverly Hills Cop is his highest grossing movie in the U.S.?

-He's the only Saturday Night Live cast member to host the show while still being a cast

-Had 2 songs chart in the Top 30 in the 1980's?

-In the movie 48 Hours, the naughtiest of naughty words was used exactly 48 times to match
     the movie title?


1972 - Burt Reynolds appeared nude in "Cosmopolitan" magazine. 

-Gurley Brown asked Clint Eastwood before putting the question to Burt Reynolds, but he had refused.

-It ended up being Burt Reynolds because of Johnny Carson.

-Burt Reynolds claims his Cosmo centerfold killed his chances at an Academy Award for his performance in Deliverance – and he has never been nominated for an Academy Award.

-Burt’s centerfold spawned Playgirl magazine.

-Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown says that the idea of showing male nudity came to her while ''doing the dishes or something,''

-The studio where the photo was shot was chilly.

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